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Explorer of the Month

Explorer of the Month

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Explorer of the Month

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  1. Explorer of theMonth Brought to you by EDF Energy

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  3. Who Was He?

  4. Who Was He? Bartholomew Diaz, also known as Bartolomeu Dias De Novaes was a Portuguese explorer. He was born in the year 1450 and died on the 29th May 1500 at the age of 50. He was a white Roman Catholic and was probably a kinsman of João Diaz. Diaz is best known as the discoverer of the Cape of Good Hope.

  5. His History

  6. His History As well as other European Countries, Portugal had an interest in the produce of Asia. When they explored the West of Africa, they found lots of ivory and gold. At an early age, Diaz was one of the many men who sailed down the Western coast looking for this treasure. Diaz’s skills as a sailor strengthened, John II realised Diaz could be used as an explorer. Diaz was told that he would travel along the African Western Coast searching for more treasure.

  7. Bartholomew was delighted at this opportunity as he knew he could accomplish this task. Diaz soon got frightened though, when John II’s nephew warned him that no one from Europe had ever travelled that far south before. When he left Portugal in 1481, he sailed south for several months. As he sailed, he was exploring the coast, making charts along the way. He was made a Member of the Royal Household as an award for this exploration.

  8. His Motivation

  9. His Motivation Bartholomew Diaz was motivated to explore by John II who thought of Diaz as a great explorer who could bring great wealth and fame to his country. He had come to this decision after noticing his skills as a great sailor.

  10. Skills

  11. Skills As an explorer Bartholomew Diaz needed to have and use a lot of skills needed to succeed in his career. The skills that Diaz would have had to use when exploring would have been; Working with others, Thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, Self-management, Managing information, Sailing skills, Navigation skills.

  12. Obstacles

  13. Obstacles Once, on the exploration which founded a lot of land to build and roam in there was a verge on mutiny on the ship. This would have meant Diaz would most likely have been killed or thrown overboard and receive no credentials for the voyage.

  14. Overcoming Obstacles

  15. Overcoming these Obstacles Bartholomew Diaz overcame this obstacle by using his skills of thinking, problem-solving and decision making, self-management and working with others. He analysed the situation and so was able to persuade the crew to let him a couple more days, in which he was able to succeed in his exploration and please the crew.

  16. We’ve Arrived!

  17. Interview Time For our interview we asked a complete stranger, who we’ve never met before for his opinion of Bartholomew Diaz. I believe Bartholomew was an accomplished and successful explorer that we should look up to, as he opened up ‘a window of opportunity’ for other great explorers. An example of this is how he founded the passageway to trade between Europe and India, which led Christopher Columbus on an exploration to find another route, but instead he founded America. Complete Stranger