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Microsoft Excel 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007

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Microsoft Excel 2007

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  1. Microsoft Excel 2007 A Whole new look

  2. Excel 2007 Menu • Interacting with Excel • Office button (Pearl) • Tabs • Home • Insert • Page Layout • Formulas • Data • Review • View • Quit

  3. Interacting with Excel • Using Ribbon and Galleries • Main location for menus and tools • Select a ribbon tab • Displays groups that contain sets of related tools • Some are buttons that perform a task • Some display another list or menu • Gallery • Commands or options that show those commands or options graphically

  4. Interacting with Excel • Live Preview • Enables you to see the results of formatting before you apply them • Point to an option for 1 second and it shows the preview

  5. Menu Interacting with Excel • Using Tools • Point to a tool for 1 second and a description about the tools appears • It is called an Enhanced Screen Tip

  6. Office Button (Pearl) Pull Down Menu

  7. Office Button Pull Down Menu • New • Open • Save • Save as • Print • Prepare • Send • Publish • Close • List of recent documents • Excel Options • Exit Excel

  8. Save as

  9. Print

  10. Prepare

  11. Send

  12. Publish

  13. Menu Excel Options

  14. Home tab Clipboard Font Alignment Number Styles Cells Editing Groups on the Ribbon

  15. Home tab Paste Cut Copy Format Painter Clipboard Basic Icons

  16. Home tab Font Style Pitch Increase Size Decrease Size Bold Italics Underline Border Fill Color Font Color Font Ribbons

  17. Home tab Top Align Middle Align Bottom align Orientation Wrap text Align Text Left Center Align Text Right Decrease Indent Increase Indent Merge Cells Alignment Basic Icons

  18. Home tab General Number Formatting Accounting Format Percent Formatting Comma Formatting Increase Decimals Decrease Decimals Number Basic Icons

  19. Home tab Conditional Formatting Format as Table Cell Styles Styles Basic Icons

  20. Home tab Insert Cells Delete Cells Format Cells Cells Basic Icons

  21. Home tab Sum Function Fill Clear Cells Sort & Filter Find & Select Editing Basic Icons

  22. Home tab Show Clipboard Icon that shows the corresponding tab in the Format Cells Window

  23. Menu Home tab Pull down Menus for additional Icons in the group

  24. Insert tab Tables Illustrations Charts Links Text Groups on the Ribbon

  25. Insert tab Tables Basic Icons Pivot Table Table

  26. Insert tab Picture Clip Art Shapes Smart Art Illustrations Basic Icons

  27. Insert tab Column Graph Line Graph Pie Graph Bar Graph Area Graph Scatter Graph Other Charts Charts Basic Icons

  28. Insert tab Hyperlink Links Basic Icons

  29. Insert tab Text Box Header & Footer Word Art Signature Line Object Symbol Text Basic Icons

  30. Insert tab Icon that shows the Insert Chart Window

  31. Menu Insert tab Pull down Menus for additional Icons in the group

  32. Page Layout tab Themes Page Setup Scale to Fit Sheet Options Arrange Groups on the Ribbon

  33. Page Layout tab Themes Colors Fonts Effects Themes Basic Icons

  34. Page Layout tab Margins Orientation Size Print Area Breaks Background Print Titles Page Setup Basic Icons

  35. Page Layout tab Width Height Scale Scale to Fit Basic Icons

  36. Page Layout tab Gridlines View Print Headings View Print Sheet Options Basic Icons

  37. Page Layout tab Bring to Front Send to Back Selection Pane Align Group Rotate Arrange Basic Icons

  38. Page Layout tab Icon that shows the Corresponding Page Setup Window

  39. Page Layout tab Menu Pull down Menus for additional Icons in the group

  40. Formulas tab Function Library Defined Names Formula Editing Calculations Groups on the Ribbon

  41. Formulas tab Insert Function Auto Sum Recently Used Financial Logical Text Date & Time Lookup & Reference Math & Trig More Functions Function Library Basic Icons

  42. Formulas tab Name Manager Define Names Use in Formula Create from Selection Defined Names Basic Icons

  43. Formulas tab Trace Precedents Trace Dependents Remove Arrows Show Formulas Error checking Evaluate Formula Watch Window Formula Auditing Basic Icons

  44. Formulas tab Calculation Options Calculations Basic Icons

  45. Formulas tab Menu Pull down Menus for additional Icons in the group

  46. Data tab Get External Data Connections Sort & Filter Data Tools Outline Groups on the Ribbon

  47. Data tab From Access From Web From Text From Other Sources Existing Connections Get External Data Basic Icons

  48. Data tab Refresh All Connections Properties Edit Links Connections Basic Icons

  49. Data tab Ascending Sort Descending Sort Sort Filter Clear Reapply Advanced Sort & Filter Basic Icons