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Abrahim Hindi Career Counselor

. How to Build a Winning Resume /CV and Cover Letter. Abrahim Hindi Career Counselor. How Do Employers Scan Your Resume/CV. What to Write Inside a Resume/CV?. Challenges Ahead. FOCUS. Employment Letters. CHALLENGES AHEAD. Resume/CV Statistics. 2595 150 – 900 1800 – 10800

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Abrahim Hindi Career Counselor

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  1. . How to Build a Winning Resume /CV and Cover Letter Abrahim Hindi Career Counselor

  2. How Do Employers Scan Your Resume/CV What to Write Inside a Resume/CV? Challenges Ahead FOCUS Employment Letters


  4. Resume/CV Statistics • 2595 • 150 – 900 • 1800 – 10800 • 20-30 . • No. of Resumes Microsoft Corporation receives per day. • How much it cost to build a resume by a professional resume writer • How much it cost to build a resume through your career by a professional resume writer • How much time it takes to review a resume in seconds

  5. What are Employers Looking For?

  6. Most Common Interview Questions Asked At KAUST Campus?

  7. Question # 1 How Many Resumes Do You Think an HR Manager and Department’ Manager receives Per job listing? . 1In4 1In10 50 receives receives 100 Managers HR Managers Per job listing Per job listing

  8. Question # 2 What are HR Managers Looking for in Candidates? 48% 41% 77% Is it Customized to the Position? Specific Accomplishment Relevant Experience


  10. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  11. WHAT ARE THE KEYWORDS HR MANAGERS AND ATS SYSTEM LOOKING FOR in RESUMES? . 44% 41% 33% 31% 56% . Team Building Oral/Written Communication Performance And Productivity Improvement Problem Solving Leadership

  12. Workshop Exercise #1 Identify the Key Words in this Job Description .


  14. CV(Curriculum Vitae) / RESUME MATRIX? .


  16. The Heading • Preferably at the top in the center or right side • Name (Use Common Name, No Nick Name), • Mailing Address (No Street Name or Exact Address) • Phone number (Current Personal Mobile Number.) • Email • Accessible After Graduation. • Professional Address • NOT: beerbongking@hotmail.com • NOT: Slacker_35@sbcglobal.com • NOT: needz_da_muney@zetzero.com

  17. The Heading DO Horton M. Marcos P.O Box.3250, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, KSA Mobile: +966544700000 Tel. +96626756125/ +966280 27644, Email: Horton.Marcos@kaust.edu.sa DON’T

  18. Workshop Exercise #1 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your HEADINGS

  19. Objective Not Always Needed Purpose • To convince employers that you know what you want to do and are familiar with the field. It’s important to customize the resume’ objective to match the position you are applying for. • You Needed When You Are • Changing your Career • If you just entered the workforce • Re-entered the workforce after extended absent” • Objective Statement Should include: • Desired position • What type of Organization you would like to work with • What Experience, and Skills you can offer.

  20. Objective Don’t write a novel I smell Fear! Closer…too brief

  21. Objective Examples • OBJECTIVE • Seeking a position as a Biomedical Lab Supervisor in pharmaceutical industries, where I can leverage my experience in the development of new medicines. I strive to achieve the international standards in Scientific Research and Education in the field of Bioscience to enhance health care OBJECTIVE Seeking a position as Technical Engineer in a petrochemical industry, bringing my chemistry skills, research experience, strong attention to detail and personal attributes of enthusiasm and willingness to learn into the organization.” • OBJECTIVE • Seeking a position as a Strategic Plannerin the telecom or high-tech industries, where I can leverage my experience in new product development, mergers and acquisitions.

  22. Workshop Exercise #2 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your OBJECTIVE

  23. Purpose • Catches And Keeps The Reader’s Attention. • What makes you the best candidate for this job? (ie: qualifications, skills, abilities, years of experience, work ethic and values, accomplishments, etc.) • Must reflect what is required in the job description. • One paragraph or 3-5 bulleted statements.

  24. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Experienced in overcoming cultural barrier with over 3 years of international experience, and my two years of work study at KAUST. I have a strong understanding of their values and specific context. • Proven experience in applying data analysis knowledge into business application. • Strong communication and leadership skills through presenting multiple findings of a Science coursework project as a report and PowerPoint presentation to the rest of my Science class. • Ability to generate new ideas, by consciously, break old thought patterns and consider new perspectives. • Passionate about delivering best-fitting business and technology solutions to clients.

  25. Workshop Exercise #3 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Two Bullet Statements Reflecting Your . SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

  26. Education • Reverse chronological order. • Required: Degree, major, school, year of graduation. • Thesis Topic or Dissertation Title: Focused Course-Work on….. • Lead Professor Advisor’s Name • GPA • Professional training may also be listed either under Education or Training

  27. Education EDUCATION King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) , KSA M.S. Of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Dec. 2010 Thesis Topic: Focused Course-Work on, Clean Fossil Fuels, Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Thermodynamics and conducted research in the Clean Combustion Center at KAUST. Professor Name: John Ramzi Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Mexico City, Mexico BS. Of Chemical Engineering, May 2008, GPA 4.0/4.0

  28. Workshop Exercise #4 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your. EDUCATION

  29. ProfessionalExperience • Reverse chronological order. • Required: Name of company, City and state, Department, Position title, dates of employment (month & year). • Your first bullet statement should provide a general overview of your job function. • Specific accomplishments. Results from your work, and the actions you took to achieve them. What is your added value? Accomplishment Statements NOT JOB DESCRIPTIONS

  30. ProfessionalExperience • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • BAKER HUGHES, DHAHRAN, KSA • DHAHRAN RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY CENTER • Senior Corrosion Scientist May 2010-Present • Determined the corrosion competences based on the strategies and goals of • Dhahran Research and Technology Center, to optimize capital expenditure during design or modification • of new materials. • Managed laboratory layout, modification, equipment, manpower, training, costs, work plan and time schedule, which all improved the efficiency and smoothen the work flow process of our center

  31. ProfessionalExperience Method • S.T.A.R. (Situation, Task, Action, Result) • Problem + Remedy + Result = ACCOMPLISHMENT • Begin your statement with an action verb. • Outline the Situation or Task :Mention the problem you had to take? • Describe the Action you took. What skills did you use? • Include the Result, outcome, or learning of your action; quantify with numbers or percentages when possible.

  32. ProfessionalExperience Example #1 • “Increased IT products offering at the KAUST IT • store by developing relationships with local • merchants, which Increase the store profits by 15%”

  33. Workshop Exercise #5 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet One ACCOMPLISHMENT STATEMENT (Life/Work) Related Using The. S.T.A.R. (Situation, Task, Action, Result) Problem+ Remedy + Result = ACCOMPLISHMENT

  34. TECHNICAL & COMPUTER SKILLS • This is where you can highlight your Technical and Computer skills, such as: • IT skills(Computer Programming, Software, Operating System) • Accomplished projects.(With focus on methodology and instrumentations)

  35. TECHNICAL & COMPUTER SKILLS • TECHNICAL AND COMPUTER SKILLS • Software • AutoCAD, MATLAB, Octave, Mathematica, Gnuplot, SM (plotting software) • Computer Programming: • C/C++, Java, Perl, Fortran, Lisp, and IBM x86 assembly language • Operating Systems: • Microsoft Windows family, Apple OS X, IBM OS/2 and Linux

  36. Workshop Exercise #6 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your TECHNICAL & COMPUTER SKILLS

  37. Awards & Recognitions • HONORS AND RECOGNITIONS MAY INCLUDE: • FELLOWSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS • DEAN'S LIST • AWARDS • CERTIFICATIONS AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS Graduate Fellowship Award (KAUST, 2010)  Honorable Mention, NSF Ford Foundation Minority Graduate Fellowship. 2008. Recipient, Howard Hughes Research Training Grant.

  38. Workshop Exercise #7 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS

  39. Languages • If you are applying to a Multinational Corporations or your work requires a specific knowledge of a foreign language. It is important to include your other language(s) and proficiency in your resume. List Down the Language and the proficiency level. • LANGUAGES • Arabic: Native language • English: Advance

  40. References When you writing your resume, you don’t need to include your references, just state that they will be available upon request. NOTE: If you want to include a reference in your resume, make sure you first ask for permission • REFERENCES: • Available Upon Request

  41. Research & Teaching Interest • Summarize your research agenda and describe your future work. They help employers see both your experiences and glimpse your independence as a researcher. • Explain the importance of your research and how it contributes to a larger body of knowledge

  42. Research & Teaching Interest • Summarize your research agenda and describe your future work. They help employers see both your experiences and glimpse your independence as a researcher. • Explain the importance of your research and how it contributes to a larger body of knowledge • RESEARCH & TEACHING INTERESTS • Nonlinear Additive Schwarz Preconditioned Inexact Newton (ASPIN) algorithm • Simulation for multiphase OW in porous media • Numerical analysis and numerical techniques such as Krylov methods, domain decomposition • I have extensive teaching experience in a range of Math & Computational Science. I am also interested in bringing new approaches to the teaching of existing courses. My goal in teaching will be to empower students to become leaders within their chosen field. To that end, I will try to emphasize critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills in addition to the problem-solving skills that will make them experts in a subject. Finally, because student/mentor relationships are extremely important to student development, I would like to create opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research as early as the summer after their freshman year

  43. Workshop Exercise #9 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your Research & Teaching Interest

  44. Publications • Include last names and initials of all authors and underline or bold own name in each reference • Provide complete bibliographic information (title, name of source, volume, page numbers, year, etc.) • Do not list publications that are "in preparation" or "submitted" • Publications • L.Liu, D. E. Keyes, S. Sun. Fully Implicit Multiphase Reservoir Simulation With theAdditive Schwarz Preconditioned Inexact Newton Method, SPE Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Conference and Exhibition(RCSC), 16-18 September 2013, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Accepted).

  45. Workshop Exercise #10 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your Publications

  46. Conferences & Presentations • Indicate conference papers and presentations from published works. Include a subcategory for papers, posters, presentations and proceedings at scholarly conferences or academic conventions, and a subcategory for public lectures, if you have given any. • Conferences & Presentations • Technical University of Munich (TUM) Final Summer Report, 8/5/2010 . • Presented the results obtained from work during the summer of 2010 with Professor Karl-Heinz Hoffmann and Dr. • Nikolai Botkin. • Texas Undergraduate Math Conference (TUMC), 11/7/2009 – • Gave a presentation entitled “Annuli Bounds for the Roots of Sparse Polynomials”, the result of research done during • the summer of 2009 under the supervision of Professor Maurice Rojas.

  47. Workshop Exercise #11 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your Conferences & Presentations

  48. Extra-Curricular Activities • Extra-curricular activities are anything that you do outside of work and school. Sports, music, and performing arts are great examples of extra-curricular activities. • When writing about it, just say what you like to do • Extra-Curricular Activities • Attended School of Leadership Corporate culture training by British American Tobacco (BAT) Company, Thuwal Saudi Arabia, June 2009

  49. Workshop Exercise #12 Write On Your Draft Resume Worksheet Your Extra-Curricular Activities

  50. Employment Letters • Cover Letter(s) • Business & Industry • Academic • Follow-up Letter After Interview • Acceptance Letter • Rejection Letter • Letter When You are Rejected

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