what is a brand and how do i get one n.
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What Is a Brand, and How Do I Get One? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is a Brand, and How Do I Get One?

What Is a Brand, and How Do I Get One?

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What Is a Brand, and How Do I Get One?

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  1. What Is a Brand, and How Do I Get One?

  2. No. Brands? Brightly colored cans filled with flavored, carbonated water.

  3. No. Brand? A logo (albeit very famous).

  4. No. Brand? An immensely popular tourist destination.

  5. OK, Snow, you’ve made your point.What is brand, then?

  6. Brand is NOT the product. It cannot be found on the shelf, in a showroom or at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. Brand exists in a much scarier place.

  7. The mind of the consumer.

  8. “Brand is the relationship between a product and its customer.”Phil Dusenberry, Chairman, BBDO Worldwide

  9. Why is brand important to the consumer? • It adds meaning and connection. • It fulfills expectations. • It speaks about the consumer – “badge brands.” • It can provide customers with a source of strength and consistency.

  10. What does brand add to my product or service? • It creates loyalty. • It adds value – rational and emotional. • It creates engagement and identification. • It opens doors for further engagement/involvement.

  11. What does brand communicate about my product, service or organization?

  12. A brand will: • Make a promise. • Display a personality. • Reflect your core values.

  13. I get it. Brand matters. How do I get one?

  14. “When you don’t know the answer, ask your customers.” Sam Walton

  15. One Brand’s Story

  16. How our customers led us to become a cultural icon.

  17. One Brand. Different Audiences. Audience Segmentation.

  18. One Brand. Different Communication. Alibi.

  19. One Brand. Vertical Product Extensions. Listening to the right people creates the right message.

  20. One Brand. Many Constituencies.

  21. Do I need to run expensive television and print ads to have a brand? No.

  22. A brand is a relationship. Invite your audience to be a part of it. • Live your brand. • Remember, all communication can build your brand. • All communication must reflect, support and reinforce your brand. • Be consistent.

  23. Communicate to your audience.Participate with your audience.

  24. Two Steps to a Powerful Brand Listen to your audience. Be true to who you are and what you are.

  25. Questions?