transition to professional practice t2p susan graham and anna zuber n.
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Transition to Professional Practice T2P Susan Graham and Anna Zuber PowerPoint Presentation
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Transition to Professional Practice T2P Susan Graham and Anna Zuber

Transition to Professional Practice T2P Susan Graham and Anna Zuber

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Transition to Professional Practice T2P Susan Graham and Anna Zuber

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  1. Transition to Professional PracticeT2PSusan Graham and Anna Zuber An opportunity to try something different, to enrich your experience and the skills that you offer as a teacher April 29th – May 10th, 2013

  2. Types of T2P Placements A. Service Learning Placements (CSL) - local and international B. French Exchange Trip C. Early Years Placements D. Alternative T2P

  3. What are the goals? • To try an educational experience which is outside your teachable area(s) • To work with a different age group or level of students • To add skills and/or experience to your resume • To develop a resource which will benefit an organization and will strengthen your organizational skills • To use your teaching skills in a workplace outside of the classroom

  4. Community Service Learning (CSL) is an educational approach that integrates service in the community with intentional learning activities. Within effective CSL efforts, members of both educational institutions and community organizations work together toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial. • Canadian Alliance for Community Service Learning Option A: Community Service Learning (CSL)

  5. Why choose Community Service Learning? Become exposed to other career routes as an Educator Build meaningful community through on-the-job market connections Enhance your understanding of different cultures, communities, social issues Increase your sense of civic engagement and social responsibility

  6. CSL Placements 2013 • Local Community Service Learning -placement in London (50+ placements) • Laredo, Texas -Habitat for Humanity • Dominican Republic - Outreach 360 • Poland - Genocide Education

  7. CSL in London • 50+ placements in the local London community • Nonprofit organizations who do educational activities • Curriculum (re)design, design of outreach materials, tutoring young children, recreation programs

  8. International CSL (Laredo, Texas) • Habitat for Humanity (building affordable housing) • 48 Teacher Candidates • Dates: Sat. April 27 – Sun. May 5 • Approximate Cost: $800 + spending money • Dormitory style accommodations • Meals provided (most nights) • Side trip to Memphis, TN

  9. International CSL (Dominican Republic) • Outreach 360 - Educational programming for youth of all ages (incl. English language and literacy) • 15 Teacher Candidates • Dates: Sat. April 27 – Sunday May 5 • Approximate cost: $1650 • Stay on-site, all meals provided

  10. Poland - Genocide EducationGenocide Education - encourages teachers to teach the lessons of genocide - tolerance, human rights and democracy, helping others in need • Friday April 26 – Thursday May7 • 10 Teacher Candidates • Approximate cost: $2000 • Students pay for additional transportation done outside of the program, meals ($20-30 per day) and spending money • CSL includes work with Jewish organizations in Krakow and Warsaw

  11. For More Information Information Sessions for Local and International CSL Join Anne-Marie and Stephanie from the Student Success Centre Tuesday, November 27 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm Room: 1162

  12. Option B: French Exchange • 10 (or more) Teacher Candidates can participate • Ideally, those participating should be able to host a French student; this is reciprocated when you go to France. • French students come to Ontario - February 25th to March 22nd • TCs go to France May 6th – June 3rd (dates to be confirmed) • Cost approximately $2400; there will be some compensation for host families • Dr. Julie Byrd Clark will be providing additional information

  13. Option C: Early Years The Early Years T2P placement provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the work of a LOCAL early childhood setting and to learn about the kinds of work done by practitioners in the setting. Early Years students will be placed first, but anyone is welcome to sign up for an Early Years T2P.

  14. What is a T2P Early Years placement? An Early Years placement is any setting that serves children from birth to six years, including one that offers services to children with their adult caregivers or families.

  15. Early Years Placements We have a list of LOCAL placement opportunities. We will contact you about your placement. Please do not contact local agencies. If you want to do your placement outside of London, select the Alternative T2P option.

  16. Option D: Alternative T2P • “Design your own T2P” based on your goals • Can be done in any geographic location (i.e. your home town, or in a location where you would like to work)

  17. In school ideas… • Guidance • Special Education • Librarianship • English as a Second Language • Adult Education • Work with a different age or level of students • Any department where you would like experience

  18. London District Catholic School Board LDCSB has requested a coordinated T2P IMPORTANT: • Do not approach directly • Submit T2P application requesting LDCSB, indicating what type of placement

  19. Outside of schools: Examples: • Social agencies • Non-profit organizations • Community libraries • University and College departments • Seniors facilities • Museums, art galleries…

  20. T2P Application process • Begin submitting proposals online after Monday Dec. 3rd(application will be on the blog). • The registration form requires: • the type of T2P experience you choose of the 4 options : CSL, French Exchange, Early Years or Alternate T2P • what you plan to do and where you plan to do it • contact information for your “community partner” • your goals/objectives • You will be informed by email once your proposal has been approved. DUE DATE: January 18, 2013

  21. FAQs • Is T2P mandatory? • Can I return to one of my schools where I did my practicum placement? • Is there any money available to help with the international placements? 4. How is T2P evaluated? 5. Is my Police Record check still valid for T2P? 4. What is the May 10th Showcase Day and finale?

  22. Important Datesand Coming Events

  23. Conference Day - Nov. 30  9-12: safeTALK (suicide prevention certification training) (30 maximum)  9-11: Beyond the Breakfast Program - poverty and your students  9-11: It Can Happen to you - The Importance of Professional Boundaries  12-2: Equity 101 - equity and equality in the classroom and community  1-4: safeTALK (suicide prevention certification training) (30 maximum)

  24. Building Futures - Dec. 7th sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Education Become familiar with key goals, programs and priorities of Ontario’s education system Workshop series including: Individual Education Plans Special Education: Discussion of current issues Supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Register for your workshop choices beginning November 26

  25. Career Expo - Jan. 18th • Over 40 prospective employers • Local and international opportunities • Dress for success • Bring your resume • Same-day interviews possible

  26. Employment Strategies - Jan. 25 The Student Success Centre • Learn effective job search strategies • Explore Teaching and non-teaching opportunities • Understand hiring from the Principals’ perspective • Update your resume • Practice your interview skills

  27. Other coming events Feb. 1:QECO, OSSTF and EQAO full-day presentations Feb. 8: Aboriginal Day Feb. 15: Educational Neuroscience talks Faculty Advisory meetings May 10: T2P Showcase and Finale

  28. Questions