north coffee equipment tj 067 uncrating n.
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North Coffee Equipment TJ-067 Uncrating PowerPoint Presentation
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North Coffee Equipment TJ-067 Uncrating

North Coffee Equipment TJ-067 Uncrating

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North Coffee Equipment TJ-067 Uncrating

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  1. North Coffee Equipment TJ-067 Uncrating

  2. It took months, but we finally received our roasters. It comes in a big heavy crate.

  3. I couldn’t pry the cross brace apart. It’s nailed with what looked like 20 or 30 nails. To keep from damaging the roaster, I sawed it apart. Once you cut the first brace, the rest of them can be twisted free easily. Once I understood how the first crate was put together, it took me only a couple of seconds with a hammer to beat the second one into submission.

  4. Everything is swaddled in stretch wrap and cushioned in scraps of cardboard. The packaging is very sturdy and pretty effective, but one of them had shifted in transit and rubbed some paint off a corner.

  5. This is the Electric TJ-067 The small knob is drum speed, the two larger knobs are exhaust fan speed and heater control.

  6. This the slide gate that opens and closes the drop chute. It has a milled heat resistant resin handle The machine control is mounted on a sheet of the same material to help isolate electrical “noise”. This should reduce induced spikes when data logging. The drop chute had manufacturing and packaging debris in it. You’ll need to blow your roaster out with compressed air and clean it thoroughly before you use it.

  7. Free at last!

  8. Your roaster is going to weigh nearly 200 lbs. You may need help moving it.

  9. Nice wiring job. I have already offered to hire the guy that did this if he wants to immigrate.

  10. The cooling tray is very heavy, but can be removed for cleaning.

  11. That’s a total of 7 500 watt electric heaters ganged together. The construction is very heavy. That’s a pretty good bearing and the grease fitting is a nice touch. The motor mount is welded out of solid steel plate and the chain tension is perfect. This is exactly what you want to see when commercial quality machinery is naked. Even the sheet metal cover that goes over this is so heavy, it would actually be kind of hard to dent.

  12. This is an M6 nut threaded Into the door as an extra BT mount point. I ran a bead type thermocouple in there just to check the PID temp

  13. This is the ¼” BSPT adapter I found at MSC. I sent one with each roaster as a replacement for the stock hose barb. It allows us to connect to any much more common ¼ NPT fitting

  14. Gas and electric roasters side by side.

  15. Welded stainless steel manifold w/ brass orifices and cast iron burners. Not too shabby.

  16. LP gas and Natural gas orifices. Allows easy conversion to either fuel source. Included with every roaster.

  17. Our gas roaster came with beans still in it from testing at the factory

  18. Gas roaster initially reading Centigrade -and immediately programmed to To display Fahrenheit.

  19. Nice adjustable non-skid rubber feet and light. There’s a lot to like about this roaster….. Stay tuned to: