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Financial Markets

Financial Markets. Finance 300. Financial Markets. Equity Project. Bond Project. Stew #2. Stew #3. Stew #1. Final Exam. Mid Term Exam. … … … Weekly Homework … … …. A. Identify. Assets. Liabilities. What is it?. Swap. Option. Corporate Bond. Bankers Acceptance. Future.

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Financial Markets

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  1. Financial Markets Finance 300

  2. Financial Markets Equity Project Bond Project Stew #2 Stew #3 Stew #1 Final Exam Mid Term Exam … … … Weekly Homework … … … A

  3. Identify Assets Liabilities

  4. What is it? Swap Option Corporate Bond Bankers Acceptance Future Commercial Paper Treasury Note Equity

  5. Trading Conventions? 30/360 Present Value Nasdaq NYSE a/360 OTC Discount Bankers'Discount Auction Interest-at-Maturity

  6. Price

  7. Fair Value

  8. Finance 300 • Finance 221 was finance for everybody • Finance 300 is designed for those people who will actually end up doing finance for a living. • You have to really love finance to face doing it 40 to 60 hours a week for the rest of your natural life.

  9. Trading Places TradingPlaces_PepTalk.wmv

  10. Finance 300 • Syllabus: • www.business.illinois.edu/broker/fin300/ • Professor Elisabeth Oltheten • Oltheten@uiuc.edu • 440 Wohlers Hall • Office Hours • Wed: 2:00 – 3:30pm (440 WH) • Tu, Thu: 12:30 – 12:50pm (MMIL)

  11. Pre Requisite Material • Corporate Finance (Finance 221) • Statistics & Econometrics (Economics 202 & 203)

  12. Required Tools • Financial Markets 2012 • Book • On-line Access Code • Business Calculator TI BA II or HP 12C • No other calculators will be permitted in the examinations • Reading Material • Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Economist, Investors Business Daily, anything.

  13. Resources • Calendar & Powerpoint files • Office Hours • Project Kick Offs • Put this in your calendar now September 11@6:30-8pm October 2 @ 6:30-8pm October 23 @ 6:30-8pm

  14. Grades • Individual Work • Group projects A student must pass each components separately in order to earn a passing grade for the course.

  15. A. Individual Work • Online Homework • Pop Quizzes • Mid Term Exams • Final Exam 460 points

  16. A.1. Weekly Homework • Weekly Homework Assignments • Practice (begins August 25) • For Grade 120 points

  17. A.1. Weekly Homework • Practice • Login • Each assignment is randomly generated from the test bank • Graded immediately • You can do as many practice homework assignments as you want 120 points

  18. A.1. Weekly Homework • For Grade • By Friday 5pm go to the Learning Lab (36 Wohlers Hall) • Prove your identity with your University ID Card • The proctor will verify your login • Same homework generation as the practice homework but this will count for grade. • Lowest homework grade will be dropped (best 12 of 13 homework assignments) 120 points

  19. A.2. Pop Quizzes • Pop quizzes are given in class and are graded in class. • Grade is based on the best 8 of the 9,10, or 11 pop quizzes given during the semester 40 points

  20. A.3. Mid-term Exams • The mid-term exam is held during normal class period • Conflict exam is the previous Tuesday evening • Make-up exam is the following Friday evening 120 points

  21. A.4. Final Exam • The final exam is cumulative and held during final exam week • 120 points is like a second midterm and 60 points cumulative final. 180 points

  22. Homework Pop Quizzes Mid-Term Exam Final Exam Individual Work Total B. Individual Work 120 40 120 180 ____ 460 ____ 600 20% 7% 20% 30% _____ 77% _____100%

  23. B. Individual Work 460 points

  24. B. Group Projects • Equity Project • Bond Project • Investment Challenge • Points allocated are based on the Engagement Contract 40 40 60___ 140 140 points

  25. Class Structure • Attendance is mandatory • Lectures will not cover all the material in the book. • Bring your book and your calculator to class every session. • We will spend some class time in group

  26. Eccentricities • All assignments, projects, papers, and stewardship reports are to be submitted • In class • To my office (440 Wohlers) • Anything stuffed in my mailbox in the Department of Finance is considered to be abandoned property.

  27. Grades • Grades are neither given nor negotiated; they are earned. • Every time you earn points towards your final grade it is posted to the web page under your Hex number.

  28. Maximizing Your Grade • Read the material in the book for every class. • Work the Questions and Problems after every class. • Use office hours, and Practice Homework to make sure you understand both the concepts and the procedures.

  29. Maximizing Your Grade • To study for the exam • photocopy the Chapter Questions, • cut them up, • toss them into a hat, and • pull them out at random. • Do the question under exam conditions.

  30. 2+2 3.987684509 Minimizing Your Grade • Skip class. • Use sloppy math. • Don’t read the material beforehand – after all we’ll cover the important stuff in class anyway. • Assume that just because each topic is easy you can handle the exam.

  31. Minimizing Your Grade • The answers are on the web site - how hard can it be? • Read the question, outline the answer without actually doing the math, check the answer, and figure it’s pretty straightforward.

  32. Classroom Etiquette • Class starts at 9:30am • If you arrive after the class has begun then enter through the rear door and quietly take your seat • If an exam or pop quiz is in session then it will be brought to you once you have taken your seat.

  33. Classroom Etiquette • Coffee & Donuts • Quiet food & drink only • Clean up after yourself

  34. Classroom Etiquette • Finance 300 • If you are doing anything but Finance 300 you will be asked to do it elsewhere.

  35. Classroom Etiquette • Turn off any electronic equipment not specifically needed for class • Learn to single task successfully before you turn to multi-tasking

  36. The fun just keeps on coming….. Finance 300

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