kurtas spell regal n.
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Kurtas Spell Regal

Kurtas Spell Regal

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Kurtas Spell Regal

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  1. Kurtas Spell Regal

  2. Kurtas Pajama • Kurtas like the ubiquitous saree have been the very essence of Indian dressing since eons. One of the most versatile of garments for men is traditional yet transcends boundaries of formal and casual wear too. The wardrobe go from being regular to not so regular wear of Indians however everyone has a kurta because it has climbed the traditional outfit pedestal and here to stay. A Kurtas for menbe it is get together, wedding ceremonies or any important occasions is ethnic with comfort, designs, style, patterns and versatility. The last word is the reason kurtas have lasted long since it provides minimum fuss attempt at different looks with the same outfit and ease.

  3. KurtaPyjama • A kurta is a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or may be just above the knees of the wearer with long sleeves that do not narrow down and it may or may not have a collar. Team it with a churidar, loose salwar, dhotis or lungis or mundus and of course the jeans. From formal as well as informal occasions, day and night, from birth to even post life rituals, it is a popular and distinctive outfit. The fabrics can be seasonal ranging from cotton to silk, linen and khadi. Kurtas spell class and elegance and is a perennial fashion favorite. Ethnic kurtas are an ethnic wear and there are different varieties of Kurtas depending on their design and fabric.

  4. Long Kurtas are basically the long tunics and can be worn knee-length pajamas. New designs & colorful shades have made it a must have in your wardrobe. Short Kurtas vary in lengths and can be on pajamas, dhoti-pants, pant cut pajamas or jeans. Kurta Shirts are a new concept and these kurtas are cut like in the shape of the t-shirts. Kurtas also come with heavy embroidery, artwork, block printed, hand painted and with motifs or even with sequins, beads & stone from normal to special occasions.

  5. The rich Indian ethnic wear also includes the new age designer kurtas made specifically to look royal and are long tunics that are worn along with the pajama. and can match it with nagras or mogiris as footwear. With new appealing designs and shades, women have stiff competition in the looking good department. Ramp shows and fashion weeks are now watched with eagerness to weddings and special grand events. Plan your look, do some research, check the colours that suit you and select the kurtas that go well with your body type.

  6. Let us look at some regal options that we can select for special occasions. Accessorize the outfits with longer over coat, broach, stole, a dainty neck piece, kilangi and exquisite buttons or even shawls. • For a casual meet wear, try plain and simple wear it with pajama or denims over a nice pair of jutis. • For dinners, engagements, get together other soirees, go all out with colours and mild thread work, fold the sleeves, team it with jeans, dhoti or pyjamas. Wear jutis and try on a jacket or a stole in khadi for ‘that’ effect.

  7. Now comes the real deal and India has so much to offer: • Sherwani – Rich colours, rich embroidery or zari work, perfect fit and teamed with comfortable churidar, pajamas or Patialas • The Nawabi- Embroidered Chikan Kurtas of Lucknow in crisp cottons with or without overlapping panels • The Dogri- Opens from the front, may or may not have overlapping panels. Team it with churidars • Kantha – Fusion with Kantha embroidery of West Bengal and Bangladesh and can be made traditional or causal depending on the occasion

  8. The Hyderabadi- Light thread based embroidery around the neck which is essentially keyhole and is a good regular wear option • The Bhopali- True to its name, it is of regal descent with influences from turkey. It has pleats and is longer than the normal traditional kurta and worn with pyjamas

  9. There are some regionalism based options too: • Sindhi- Uses mirrors around the neck and also bandhani or ‘Rilli’ • Pathanis- A daily wear the super comfortable outfit is central to dressing in Punjab • Multani/ Saraiki –Origins go back to Multan (Pakistan) and includes crochet. Side buttons, Ajrak prints and round neck define this kurta • Kashmiri- With thread work depicting the leaves, motifs and flowers of the region, it is a delight to wear , very comfortable and can be worn with shawls

  10. There are global options in looking good: • Khadi- almost a global phenomenon handspun, hand woven and very desi and may have cotton or silk mixes in it

  11. From mulmuls, to cottons to khadi, jute, and the silks, kurtas can be picked in the material that suits you and the weather. When buying regal looking kurtas, look for high quality, the colour that suits you and defines her personality. Recycle to ensure that you maintain value for money also go for a combination of contemporary and traditional look. Wear changeable buttons to mix and match. Avoid pockets for occasion wear to get a good fit.

  12. Whatever the occasion, looking regal and feeling good for a relevant occasion can now be a breeze to enhancing your style quotient, balancing your budget and make you feel comfortable. Kurtas make you look regal even if it just plain and along with Indians have evolved and travelled beyond the Indian borders.

  13. Thank You