research data management services at the mit libraries n.
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Research Data Management Services at the MIT Libraries PowerPoint Presentation
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Research Data Management Services at the MIT Libraries

Research Data Management Services at the MIT Libraries

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Research Data Management Services at the MIT Libraries

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  1. Research Data Management Services at the MIT Libraries Amy Stout ASEE June 2011

  2. As science changes… So do science libraries

  3. Don’t panic! You have the skills you need

  4. Try new things… Just call them “pilots”

  5. Science changes the tools… And the tools change science.

  6. Our ability to produce data has outpaced Our ability to organize and store it.

  7. As science changes… So do science libraries.

  8. What can librarians do to support the new trends in science?

  9. Learn as much as possibleabout departmental research And the data deluge

  10. Translate what libraries do… Into data management services for researchers

  11. What are our strengths?

  12. We respond with agility to rapidly changing environments

  13. We understand the fields we support

  14. We know how to organize information

  15. We know how to make information accessible

  16. We know how to preserve information

  17. From Science, May 23, 2011 “A data archivist would be a mix of librarian, IT expert and physicist, with the computing skills to keep porting data to new formats but savvy enough about the physics to be able to crosscheck old results on new computer systems.” -- Rescue of Old Data Offers Lesson for Particle Physicists

  18. How much physics do you need to know? The original team of Google translation experts who won accolades for their excellent software that could translate Chinese and Arabic consisted of NOT ONE Chinese or Arabic speaker. – from The Most Human Human

  19. What data management services can librarians provide?

  20. Inform researchers of data issues that may impact them

  21. Provide guidance on how to organize, store and preserve data

  22. Offer solutions to data management problems

  23. How did the MIT Libraries get started in this area?

  24. Study group started in 2006 Broadened our membership in 2008

  25. Services we offer our research community


  27. Managing Research Data 101

  28. Bioinformatics for Beginners

  29. One-on-one consulting Format migration Answering questions Writing data management plans

  30. The NSF Data Management Plan requirement

  31. Radish

  32. How to handle non-MIT contributors?

  33. Esoteric file formats A preservation conundrum

  34. Open-source software

  35. Multiple file/zip file issues

  36. Inconsistent metadata

  37. Esoteric information – not for the layperson!

  38. Future directions

  39. Creating data profiles of individual researchers And data audits of whole departments

  40. Developing a service model for assisting researchers in the lab

  41. Outreach to liaison librarians

  42. Support more projectsfor DSpace@MIT

  43. Remember… • As science changes, so do science libraries • Don’t panic! You have the skills you need • Try new things… just call them “pilots”