true craftsmanship endures n.
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“True Craftsmanship Endures” PowerPoint Presentation
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“True Craftsmanship Endures”

“True Craftsmanship Endures”

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“True Craftsmanship Endures”

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  1. “True Craftsmanship Endures” ARIPPA Meeting October 30th, 2007

  2. History • Zampell Refractories, Inc. was founded in 1966 by Thomas J. Zampell • Humble beginnings as a refractory service contractor • Heat Treat Furnaces • Power and Heating Boilers • Involved with first Waste to Energy (WTE) unit in 1976 at Saugus RESCO. • Growth with WTE throughout the East Coast and beyond continues to this day • Expansion of services has continued throughout our history • The tradition of Tom Zampell continues today with his son, James C. Zampell, his grandson, Brian J. Zampell, and the many employees whowork for the Zampell family.

  3. Mission Statement At the Zampell Companies, our FOCUS is on providing outstanding and ever improving service to our customers by exceeding expectations and increasing efficiencies through productivity and technological improvements. Through careful hiring, training, continuous process improvements and an ever vigilant safety program, our COMMITMENT is to our family of employees, striving to provide job satisfaction, growth opportunities and financial security. Regardless of the service or product, our HERITAGE at the Zampell Companies is craftsmanship, because excellent quality is our reputation and our overriding goal.

  4. What Makes Us Different? • Zampell is a Family Business First • Safety…We live by it! • Employee Focus • Career Development • Focus on Growth to Match Employee Growth • Focus on Hiring the Best People • Provides Capacity for the Best Customer Service and Value

  5. Safety at Zampell • Department of Loss Prevention • Mgr. of Loss Prevention, Jason Heath • Safety Supervisor in each region • Cultural focus on safety and integration of safety into daily work • Accolades include recognition by the National Insulation Association (NIA) for safety and safety innovation in operations • Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award – 2006

  6. Wheelabrator Frackville Safety Award 2006 & 2007

  7. Commitment to Safety • Safety Philosophy • As it says on the back of our work shirts, “Safety…we live by it!” Being a family business, we pride ourselves on promoting safety with the intent that all of our employees will return home the same way that they came to work. • Safety Standards for Our Customers • Zampell understands that safety is as important to our customers as it is to us. Given this knowledge, we always strive to be the contractor onsite that is consistently a source of peace of mind for our customers. We, as a company, always strive to exceed our customer’s safety expectations with our own high expectations. • Safety Standards for Our Employees • Zampell remains at the forefront of contractor safety by having regular training, more intensive training for its supervisors, a staff of safety supervisory personnel, customized job previews for new employees with a focus on safety on the job, and a host of other applications all focused on furthering our progress towards the goal of making safety ever more culturally ingrained with our employees.

  8. Refractory Insulation Insulation Energy Analysis Project Management Scaffolding Sandblasting/Painting Plant Services/ Cleaning Fabrication/Welding General Construction/ Concrete Work Labor Support Engineering Consultation Equipment Drawings and Drafting Products and Services

  9. CFB Refractories

  10. CFB Refractories • Combustor • High Abrasion & Thermal Shock • New Units Gunned • SiC PLASTICS • Mullite Alumina PLASTICS

  11. CFB Refractories • Cross Over Duct • Temperature typically same as combustor • Abrasion Resistant Gunning Mix • Low Cement Gun Mixes • Phos-bonded Plastics • High Alumina Brick

  12. CFB Refractories • Cyclone • Severe Abrasion • High Fired Super Duty • Andalusite • 85% Phos-Bond Alumina

  13. CFB Refractories • Cyclone-Monolithic • Abrasion Resistant Gun Mixes

  14. Target Wall • Special Tongue & Groove high alumina-mullite /andalusite burned brick installed in the target wall.

  15. Target Wall • 2200F lightweight material is used as a back up.

  16. Target Wall to Bull Nose Expansion Joint

  17. CFB Refractories • Fluo Seal • Most severe abrasion • Thermal Shock • Thermal Shock Resistant Vitreous Silica • Gun Mixes • Vibration Cast • Shotcrete • Free-Flow

  18. Air Returns • Air Returns are a problem area for many plants. • Thermal Shock and Thermal Expansion lead to material spalling and failure

  19. Air Return • Pre-cast shapes form the diameter of the tube. These shapes are backed up with 2” Insulation Brick.

  20. Precast Air Cool Blocks

  21. Bed Ash Cooler

  22. Quality Raw Materials vs. Brand X