mba in pharma marketing a good option in mba for pharmacy graduates n.
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MBA In Pharma Marketing A Good Option In MBA For Pharmacy Graduates PowerPoint Presentation
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MBA In Pharma Marketing A Good Option In MBA For Pharmacy Graduates

MBA In Pharma Marketing A Good Option In MBA For Pharmacy Graduates

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MBA In Pharma Marketing A Good Option In MBA For Pharmacy Graduates

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  1. MBA In Pharma Marketing A Good Option In MBA For Pharmacy Graduates Pharmacy graduates can now explore some newer options for higher studies instead of the mainstream courses that they usually go for. Then can choose MBA in Pharma Marketing and Managementwhich will give them exposure to the administrative aspects of the pharmacies. It encompasses the right planning, organizing and execution of ideas in the different contexts related to the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. The career options after the completion of this course include monitoring of the new drugs invented each day and the re-assessment of the issues related to public healthcare. The main aim of the course is to train the students in the various aspects of the ever-growing pharma industry so that they can seek jobs in the same industry after completion of the course. • ICRI, one of the premier educational institutions of India offers this course. The reasons why the MBA in pharma marketing and management course offered by ICRI is the best are stated as follows: • ICRI teaches its students in different media that are followed internationally by the education centers. • The program has a flexible structure and does not follow a perfect deadline. So, even if you are a working executive, you will not find problems in managing work and studies at the same time. • They prepare the students through excessive field works apart from enlightening them on the academic aspects of the course.

  3. Eligibility: To be eligible for this course offered by ICRI, one needs to pass in any of the subjects like Nursing, Homeopathy, Medicine, Ayurveda and Veterinary Science from a UGC approved institution with at least 50% marks.

  4. Techniques Adopted for Teaching: • ICRI develops the following techniques for teaching the students who have enrolled for the said course: • Classroom lectures by highly qualified faculties: The Faculty members at ICRI are the best in India. They impart quality education to the students and also guide them with the problems they face or doubts that they have. • Case study analysis: This is a form of group discussion practiced by the students of management courses where they are given a practical situation and asked to find a solution to it through discussion. • Workshops for skill management: There are different workshops conducted to enhance the skills of the students in the practical field. • Industrial Visits: Another important aspect of teaching in ICRI is its industrial visits where the students get exposure to the industrial arena and have the opportunity to learn about the practical application of the knowledge that they have gathered so far. • MBA in pharma marketing and management is thus a great course in MBA for pharmacy graduates. After completing this course, one can pursue doctoral courses in the related subjects.

  5. MBA for pharmacy graduates is now a great career option. MBA in pharma marketing and management is one such course thatallows them to exploremanagerial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

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