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Why Orthopaedic Latex Mattress Is Good for Side Sleepers

A combination of optimum firmness, breathability, and natural rubber without chemicals makes an orthopaedic latex mattress ideal for side sleepers.

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Why Orthopaedic Latex Mattress Is Good for Side Sleepers

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  1. Why Orthopaedic Latex Mattress Is Good for Side Sleepers Mattresses have become the subject of research. There is a huge array of different types of mattresses being designed and brought to the market. Since the harmful effects of sleeping on low quality mattresses have come to the fore, manufacturers are selling mattresses with good quality material like memory foam and latex. However, it is not only the raw material that has undergone a positive change. The design aspect has also undergone an overhaul. From being simple bundles of foam, new mattresses have undergone many ergonomic transformations that help people have a good night’s sleep. Most of them are made of natural latex, since this material can offer optimum comfort to the sleeper. However, the evolution in designing mattresses has not died down. Nowadays, there are mattresses which are also known as orthopaedic mattresses. This is for the simple reason that these mattresses are helpful in orthopaedic problems like back pain, body ache, etc. Orthopaedic mattresses can bring down these symptoms. Despite all these advances in the field of material and design, there is one more aspect that mattress manufacturers need to think about: Side Sleeping. Statistics reveal that about two-thirds of U.S. adults sleep on their sides. This calls for designing mattresses which are good for habitual side sleepers. On careful consideration Orthopaedic latex mattresses seem to be good for side sleepers because of the following: Maintains Spinal Alignment Side sleeping has some benefits innate to it. People who sleep on their sides usually maintain their spinal alignment. This helps to avoid the pressure that the spine has to undergo if you sleep on your back. However, if you are sleeping on an inferior quality mattress, even side sleeping may not save your spine. If the mattress is soft, it will sag at heavier areas. So it can sag at the hip area and the upper portion of your body, even when you are sleeping on your side. This results in a curved alignment for the spine that can be dangerous. You need a firm mattress that dips just to the extent required to keep the spinal alignment proper. This calls for an orthopaedic latex mattress. Such a mattress is able to maintain spinal alignment, even in a side-sleeping posture. Offers Superior Support Side sleeping puts huge pressure on the mattress along the contours of the body in touch with the bed. This pressure is greater in comparison to sleeping on the back or face down. If you are sleeping on an ordinary mattress, the material is not likely to uphold this pressure and therefore sag along the lines. This does not serve the purpose of side sleeping, since it throws the spine out of alignment and puts pressure on it. An orthopaedic latex mattress can solve this problem. Such mattresses normally have an all-around construction using natural Latex. 1 www.sleepspa.in

  2. This has two significant benefits. Firstly, it nullifies the transfer motion which is often associated with side sleeping. Since the Latex mattress can contour as per the shape of the body, so the movement is limited to the area, and not transferred to the whole mattress. Secondly, it does not sag along the body contours erratically. It dips just to the point of pressure applied by a part of your body. So the hip portion dips more than any other part. This helps to maintain spinal alignment. No Chemical If you are lying on your side, it is likely that at some point of time you will bury your head into the pillow or the bed. This calls for a mattress that doesn’t emit fumes of artificial chemicals and doesn’t shelter mites, bugs, and microorganisms. An orthopaedic latex mattress is made of natural rubber, which is not only adequately firm, but also resistant to mites, bugs, and other microorganisms. This makes sure that even if you buy your head deep into the pillow or mattress, you will not inhale anything harmful to your health. It Is Breathable Latex mattresses are innately breathable, and this is why they have a cooler feel compared to other mattresses. Since Orthopaedic latex mattresses are made of 100% natural rubber, it makes them cool to touch and easy to sleep on, as compared to any other type of mattress. 2 www.sleepspa.in

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