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10 Easy Tips to Go Green This Environment Day 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Easy Tips to Go Green This Environment Day 2016

10 Easy Tips to Go Green This Environment Day 2016

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10 Easy Tips to Go Green This Environment Day 2016

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  1. To make a better future for the coming generations and offer them a standard of living that we experience it is important to go for Eco-Friendly decor. It will be our responsibility to drive for a better and a healthier tomorrow. Environment Day 2016 will knock our conscience again to take urgent and valuable efforts to save the rapid depletion of resources. The number of resources lacks to meet the supply and demand of the people. And hence, the alternate option that emerges is to go for the Eco-friendly home decor. Here are the ten easy tips to go green this Environment Day 2016. The exciting green decor Nothing catches more attention than the attractive and the bright colors. The exciting green decor will help to spruce up the rooms with the by adding a dash of bright green color.

  2. Especially for the summers, make it as light as possible in color. Pick a green rug for the outdoor space and dining room. Prefer to go with the different shades of green in one room instead of making a bold statement with just one shade. Pick the green or the olive colored cutlery like bowls and plates to enjoy the meals better. Wrap it in a paper! Cheap and stylish gifting choices Go for the cheap and the stylish way of gifting options. Wrap the gifts in the papers, maybe colorful or simple. Either get your gifts packed in the printed paper or simply design the paper gift bags. Add more personalized touch while you plan to present gifts next time. It is easy to write on the paper bags one and the second is these paper bags can be recycled. Any material other than paper does not decay well, leaving a lot of garbage on the earth.

  3. To pen it down, use handmade Dairy! Writing is an art. It is a way to express and write down the thoughts. Instead of wasting the papers, use the handmade diary that is manufactured after recycling the paper and the cotton. The idea is to save the resources as much as possible. It is a conscious effort to save the resources of the earth and keep them in stock for the future. People should understand the relevance of the using small accessories like a diary that can save a lot of papers as well and hence the resource bank of our planet Earth. Stock it in one place. A pen holder for your table Just stock all your writing essentials in a pen holder. Try to get hands on the recycled pen holder. Purchase it either from the market or make it yourself from the waste materials at home. There are recycled corrugated papers with the water resistant coating that can also serve the purpose. The pen holders can also me crafted out of the old newspaper.

  4. Light it up with the candle and the candle holders Leaving aside the contemporary metal based candle holders, let us experiment a new and the Eco- friendly candle holders. Use the old wine bottles, wine glasses, or the flat marble pieces, the next idea to make the candle holder will not only click, but will capture many hearts. With a stock of waste and flat pieces of marbles, just glue them to make a candle holder. Paste them in style to create figures or structures. It should look good, even without a candle. Use table mats made out the pebbles Design the table mats that are very convenient to use. Take a khadi or cotton fabric and paste the equal sized pebbles on to it. Create the table clothes in different designs and shapes to add fun to the table.

  5. Place the utility tissue paper box We all know that the tissue paper box is a utility be it kitchen, washroom, or any other corner of the home. Design the tissue paper box with the waste material that is available at home. Use an old box, cover it up with the colorful handmade paper for the newer looks. Cut the lid in the correct size of the box to cover it up. The exotic printed green bed spreads Make it a simple living with the green bedspreads. Try to make it in different shades of green. Prefer to know about the texture and the quality of fabric also. Go with the small prints that spread all across the bed sheet. Adorn the sofas and the chairs with the cushion covers Bring home the cushion covers that are recycled with the patches. The old cloth material is widely used to manufacture the cushion covers with the patchwork. This is new and trendy way to decorate the living room or the bedroom. Prefer to have the cushion covers that are made in cotton.

  6. Recycle it with the tree wall hangings Grace the wall with the homemade and neatly crafted tree of life wall hangings. If you have the broken branches of the tree in the backyard of the home, I am sure that will solve the purpose. Create new figures and wall hangings that resemble the shape of the trees. Add multi- purpose utility to these wall hangings. Use these as the storage shelves as well. Apart from the branches, a very easy and the convenient option is to buy the wall hanging tapestries with the trees crafted on it. For summers, choose to settle with the green shades. Match the rest of the accessories that add on to the elegance and grace. Hope we all make our conscious efforts not for a day but always for a better tomorrow. Let’s throw lights on this topic and motivate others to go green on this Environment Day, 2016.