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How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India?

How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India?

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How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India?

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  1. How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India? Rakhi festival is the Hindu festival which is celebrated by everyone in all over India, this day is very special day for brother and sister not only siblings and also for who are feel friends like a siblings. The Raksha Bandhan festival naturally comes on the month of august and the day of full moon light means shravan on the first purnami on the month of august. This festival is celebrated by the rakhi (thread of love) tie to wrist on her brother right hand side. The meaning of rakhi is the how much love between the sister and brother can be represented by this rakhi form and the brother should promise to his sister as a standing on the side of you for any sort of problems or any circumstances occur to you, this will give the more happiness to your sister. The Rakhi festival special is the Raksha bandhan gifts the brother and sister should exchange their gifts by making that day beautiful and memorable by wonder full events at home. The celebration of rakhi festival is celebrated with raksha bandhan songs, raksha bandhan videos and Raksha bandhan gifts. These raksha bandhan songs and raksha bandhan videos are available at different music shops. By playing these videos and songs the whole family and relatives enjoyed by dancing and by making funny events. The rakhi festival in India is celebrated with same emotions but the celebration is different manner in a regional wise, here we will give the details about the regional celebrations in India. 1.Jammu: Raksha bandhan celebrated in a manner of kite festival the flying of different colors of kites will be started before one month of raksha bandhan. 2.West Bengal and Odisha: Before celebrating the raksha bandhan they should prays to the lord Ram and Seeta, after visiting temple they only celebrate the raksha bandhan. 3.Uttarakhand: Raksha bandhan celebrated by change their Janau threads.

  2. 4.Maharashtra: The raksha bandhan in Maharashtra celebrated only after completing the sea – worship. 5.Nepal: Here the festival is celebrated in a same manner of Uttarakhand. 6.Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh: here the raksha bandhan is not celebrated apart that at the same day they will celebrate the festival of formers and mothers. 7.Tamil Nadu, Kerala: Raksha bandhan day is the only festival for male members that to maximum Brahmins celebrate this day. 8.Gujarat: Here people can celebrate the festival of pavitropana along with raksha bandan festival. Like that all the Indians celebrate the festival of raksha bandhan may be some regions does not celebrate the raksha bandhan but the day of raksha bandhan they will celebrate another festival in a same manner or little different. So in this way our Indian citizens will celebrate Rakhi festival throughout India all over the world. So you can also celebrate the rakhi festival in a more beautiful manner. Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!