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June 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

June 2013

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June 2013

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  1. June 2013

  2. Reflection: Review of Mission, Vision and Values • Staff Kudos • June Update – Connecting the Dots • Questions Meeting Agenda

  3. Kudos

  4. Our 2013 goal: 1.5% operating margin. • Current Year to Date: • Presence Health continues to operate at a significant loss Year to Date. • Volumes across the area continue to fall. • With continued financial challenges, System and ministry teams are accelerating work to achieve needed efficiencies through: • Freezing the hiring of System Service positions effective immediately • Becoming ONE – cost improvement and operating model efforts • Ministry Performance Improvement Plans • Other help: • Achievement of Meaningful Use and provider tax dollars • Negotiating more competitive rates with Blue Cross and Blue Shield • Financial Performance

  5. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness, improving performance accountability, lowering cost and increasing our speed and adaptability to customer needs; • Improving financial and administrative performance – increasing revenue and return on investment and ensuring we have the right people in the right place at the right time to best serve our patients, physicians and employees in a fast and flexible way; and • Ensuring improved clinical quality, patient safety, wellness and prevention management, with continued focus on patient satisfaction. • Becoming ONE will help Presence Health transform to provide a more integrated continuum of care for our patients by…

  6. How will we accomplish the work of Becoming ONE? Design teams launching through July

  7. Design Teams are focused on developing a functional structure that will enable the delivery of a consistent, high-quality experience for our leaders and staff • The work of the Design Teams is highly collaborative • The teams include leadership, key stakeholders within Ministries and functional staff • Design Teams are: • identifying opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency • determining where the best opportunities for improvement in service delivery exist (from a savings and organizational perspective) • designing solutions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness • Finance, HR and IT design teams are also determining business requirements for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology – this is an integrated system that offers a common database for all of the health system’s business data to ensure greater transparency and allow leaders to make decisions faster and more effectively. • Design Team Focus

  8. Stay connected and engaged • Watch for updates on progress • Ask questions • Offer your feedback and improvement ideas • Special email set up – questions gathered will be addressed in future communications: • What can you do to support Becoming ONE?

  9. Five ministries have improved their scores over the fourth quarter of 2012. • Currently, 68 units (27.6%) are scoring above the 75th percentile for the current quarter.  • Inpatient has improved by 2.5 percent, Outpatient Surgery improved by 20 percent and the ED by 9.1 percent. • Medical Group has improved by 7 percent. • Patient Satisfaction

  10. Work underway to move toward a definitive agreement by the end of the year. • IMH consists of a 49-bed hospital and 35-bed skilled nursing facility in Watseka, approximately 30 miles south of Kankakee. • The hospital also operates four primary care clinics in the surrounding area. • Joining together will help facilitate a strong, cohesive geographic presence for our health system in this region. • Presence St. Mary’s Hospital (Kankakee), Presence United Samaritans Medical Center (Danville), Presence Covenant Medical Center (Urbana) and Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center (Joliet) all provide referral and clinical support options both north and south of Watseka. • Presence hospitals currently receives 700 admissions from IMH. • Potential for 1,400 admissions that currently go to area competition. • Why are we looking at Iroquois Memorial Hospital?

  11. Questions?