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Medieval Life

Medieval Life

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Medieval Life

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  1. Latin Black Death Caste System Renaissance Short lives Hard lives Morality Plays Hygiene Printing Press - 1450 Medieval Life • Icons • Relics • Purgatory • Prayers to Saints • Ladder Salvation • Priesthood • Indulgences • Mass • For Pete’s Sake • Turks

  2. John Wycliffe: 1324 –1384

  3. John Wycliffe: 1324 –1384 • Wycliffe really wanted change in the Church for the common person, especially for their faith and piety. • His Bible was met with great resistance. • Wycliffe died from a stroke before his execution could take place. So his bones were dug up, excommunicated, and burned “at the stake”.

  4. John Hus – July 6, 1415

  5. John Hus – July 6, 1415 • This champion for the average Christian become very popular. • The papacy eventually had him burned at the stake. • When soldiers had trouble lighting the wood, he praised the simplicity of the lady who knew how to do it with kindling – “Holy Simplicity”. This typified how he wanted common sense to prevail in the Church’s care for average person. • Hus’ executioner pleaded for him to save his life by recanting up to moment the flame was lit.

  6. Interesting note about Hus’ executioner… • Luther laid prostrate on top of the grave of Abbot Johannes Zacharias, who attended the Council of Constance (1414-1418) and was a leader of those who condemned John Huss and had him burned at the stake for heresy.

  7. Place where executioner was buried. Augustinian monastery, Erfurt. Same place where a certain monk would be ordained.

  8. Martin Luther Birthplace Pretty nice home for the time

  9. November, 10 1483

  10. Eisleben, Germany

  11. Parents: Hans and Margaret

  12. Hans started out as a miner but probably became a supervisor of sorts as he was so successful.

  13. Hans Luther • Hans was very hard on Luther but this was seen by some at the time as love to ensure he had discipline needed to succeed. • Hans did not want Luther to become miner. Hans was successful but this was a hard life. Hans lost two of his four sons. • He wanted Martin and brother to have good lives.

  14. Siblings? • Believe it or not, there is a lot of conflictual statements • Luther had two older brothers who died for reasons not verifiable. • Luther had younger brother and sister who lived, Jacob and Elizabeth.

  15. Church where baptized in background

  16. Mansfeld – Boyhood home

  17. At age 4 ½ Luther starts Latin school

  18. Magedeburg at age14 then Eisenach at age 15.

  19. Ursula Cotta Home

  20. Cotta Years • Luther appreciated Frau Cotta’s kindness. • Also sang for residents and was tipped bread and cheese.

  21. St. George Church with School

  22. Dr. Jodocus Truttvetter sees something in the boy. Frau Cotta enjoys his singing.

  23. Dr. Jodocus Trutfetter • He is probably one of the MOST unmentioned FIGURES in the FORMATION of MARTIN LUTHER. • He was an OPEN HUMANIST who openly wanted all to go to the ULTIMATE source of doctrine and practice– The SCRIPTURES. • Did he influence the boy Luther???

  24. Humanism • Not the godless ACLU type today. • In Reformation linguise, this refers to those who go to the FOUNT and SOURCE of doctrine and practice in SCRIPTURE ALONE.

  25. Wartburg Castle overlooks Eisenach

  26. Erfurt • Luther goes to study at the Erfurt University in 1501. He studies to become a lawyer. • Erfurt reflects the dead spirituality of the time. Authorities own and administer municipal whorehouses with the noble purpose of regulating sexual impulses of community. • Luther would later agree with Paul that marriage is better solution for this.

  27. Erfurt –1501-05

  28. University influenced by Humanism

  29. July 17, 1505 - Age 22 • “Help me, St. Anne. And I will become a monk!”

  30. July 17, 1505 - Age 22 • Literal transl. – “You help St. Anna. I will a monk become.”

  31. Luther decides to become a monk • Luther was really looking for inner peace and assurance that he was not going to hell. • He thought the monastery would grant him that peace. • In the dark of night, in a dark alley, he knocked at the door of Augustinian monastery and was let in.

  32. Luther decides to become a monk • By the way, Luther had to give up all his earthly possession to join the monastery. Including, the very expensive legal book bought by dad. • Of monastic orders, Luther joined the SACRIFICIALLY TOUGHEST.

  33. Augustinian Monastery, Erfurt 1505

  34. Luther’s cell back here.

  35. Two Years Training then ordained as priest

  36. Ordained on grave of Hus’ executioner.

  37. Penance never brought peace.

  38. Luther’s Cell

  39. Penance • Luther saw his sinful nature like a dog. To keep it in check, it needed to be disciplined. • He starved himself, beat himself, and labored hard to subdue his sinful thoughts and feelings. • BUT like a mind-stuck song, the more he tried to deal with it, the more sin was there.

  40. John Staupitz • Luther’s Father Confessor encouraged him to see God more as a loving Father than as an unlovable mean judge.

  41. His real cell never looked so good – with bed and all.

  42. 1508 Takes break from lectures in Erfurt to fill temp position in Wittenberg. In 1511, after returning from Rome, he takes full position.

  43. October 19, 1512 • Luther receive doctorate at age of 29.