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Web Programming

Web Programming. Presentation on: Flash. How Flash Came to Be. Created by Jonathan Gay, current VP of Flash and Generator at Macromedia (1993)Started a company called Future Wave

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Web Programming

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  1. Web Programming Presentation on: Flash

  2. How Flash Came to Be • Created by Jonathan Gay, current VP of Flash and Generator at Macromedia • (1993)Started a company called Future Wave • Future Wave’s first project, funded by a company by the name of GO, was to develop illustration software that would allow users to physically draw on the screen using “pen computers”.

  3. How Flash Came to Be (cont.) • Down the road, the project was dropped due to heavy use of resources and was very expensive. • All of Future Wave’s work was now worth nothing. • (1995)Software was revamped to work on PC’s and MAC’s as a simple illustration tool, known as “Smart Sketch”

  4. How Flash Came to Be(cont.) • (1995) Received feedback from customers that they should turn it into animation software. • Future Wave is not crazy about idea. • (1996)Internet is growing exponentially. • Future Wave sees a market for 2-D animation software for web designers. • Future Wave develops “Future Splash Animator”.

  5. How Flash Came to Be(cont.) • After doing some major projects for Microsoft and Disney, Future Wave is approached by Macromedia and the rest is history. • In the fall of 1996, Future Splash Animator became Macromedia Flash 1.0 and web content as we knew it, would never be the same.

  6. What Makes Flash Tick? • One company merger and Eight revisions • Still using majority of the code that was used when Future Wave revamped the pen computer software. • However, it is not the interface that makes Flash so popular!

  7. Vector Graphics System • Flash uses what is known as a Vector Graphics system (VGS). • A system that uses simple system to build what you see on the screen out of lines, points, polygons, shapes, etc.

  8. Why is this Important? • Because Flash uses the VGS, it keeps animation file sizes down. • This allows animator to make detailed and lengthy animations. • What does that translate to?

  9. Flash’s Pros and Cons • Pro: Integrated languages like “Action Script”. • Pro: Ease of use • Con: It’s ease of use has caused the creation of many ugly and unusable websites by new users. • Pro: Its ability to work will all kinds of media. • Con: Was designed for creation of web content and is difficult to use if content needs to be updated constantly.

  10. Pros and Cons (cont.) • Pro: Its functionality on the web.

  11. Action Script • Object-Oriented Language that is very similar to JavaScript. • Where JS handles windows, form, etc. Action Script handles media. (i.e. movie clips, sound bytes,etc.) • Gives developer the needed control of all aspects of the animation

  12. ActionScript(cont.) • In the most recent release of flash, Flash MX Pro, AS 2.0 has become a full blown Object Oriented languages that allows things like declaration and inheritance. • These options were limited in the 1.0 release of Action Script.

  13. Ease of Use • A person with no computer experience can sit down and tinker with Flash, create a simple animated movie, and build up from there. • Has been one of Flash’s strengths from the beginning.

  14. Downside of Ease of Use • At the ground level of developing animation, things are simple. • When new users of Flash want to create a detailed and complex animation, things get difficult. • People want to put out a website with a fresh look with cutting edge technology and sites become unusable when they do not know what they are doing.

  15. Flash’s Versatility • Flash’s ability to handle all kinds of media is what separates it from the pack. • Now in its eighth release, Flash has the power to embed images, HTML , streaming sound, and video. • Flash’s capacity to manipulate all of these elements efficiently makes it an all-in-one multimedia stage.

  16. Functionality • Flash’s functionality within a web environment is pretty solid. • Displaying a Flash animation only requires a simple tag that is embedded in HTML. • Does require plug-in and has some control issues. • Macromedia projects that 95% of internet users have some form of they’re Flash plug-in installed (ahead of MSIE,NS,RP).

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