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Nutri Energetics Systems - Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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Nutri Energetics Systems - Professional

Nutri Energetics Systems - Professional

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Nutri Energetics Systems - Professional

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  1. NutriEnergetics Systems - Professional

  2. The NES-Professional is the culmination of twenty-five years of research and study into how matter is actually structured in the body-through the quantum electrodynamic field (QED). Developed by Peter Fraser, Harry Massey and a team of experts, the Nutri-Energetics System integrates research in the fields of physics, biophotonism, quantum biology, resonance phenomena, advanced mathematics and information technology, as well as Western and Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition. • Nutri-Energetics Systems – Professional (NES-Pro) combines Peter Fraser’s discovery and mapping of the Quantum Electro-Dynamic (QED) human body-field, with the simplicity of computer technology. • This has lead to the development of the most advanced system for whole body-field analysis and treatment currently available.The NES-Professional is a state-of-the-art system for the analysis and repair of the human body-field. • The NES-Pro enables the therapist to identify the root energetic cause of illness, and prescribe a personalised corrective treatment regime of Nutri-Energetics Systems Infoceutical remedies.

  3. The Science behind the NES-Professional • Your body has energy continuously moving through it, creating a dynamic energy field. This body-field can be viewed at many levels, at its simplest it is both the internal and external aura. • As a practitioner, it can be considered as the energetic field which homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles and healers are able to effect. In biochemical terms, the body-field is the supra-chemical system which acts as the master control for all metabolism and growth. • Nutri-Energetics System (NES) research has suggested that the human body-field (HBF) has structure and consists of magnetic vectors (or signposts) which are able to direct sub-atomic particles within your body. • This enables the control of molecular reactions, above and beyond that of the traditional biochemical system.

  4. The NES-Pro software carries a map of the HBF information, as devised by Peter Fraser. When the client is connected to the NES-Pro system via a simple touch pad, there is communication between the clients’ HBF and the field information stored in the software. • In this way, any discrepancies between the clients’ current state of energetic health and the optimum state are highlighted graphically on the user friendly NES-Pro computer interface. • By working with the results the practitioner can prescribe an NES Infoceutical treatment regime to rectify any underlying field issues and thus allow the body to return itself to the optimal state of health. • Through an NES analysis, a practitioner (Dan Goldberg) can determine the precise areas of a person's energy field that need to be strengthened and brought back into balance-and the order in which the body should correct the imbalances.

  5. What can you screen and treat with the Nutri-Energetics Systems - Professional? • Peter Fraser’s research at Nutri-Energetics Systems has enabled the HBF to be divided into its constituent sub-field systems. The NES-Pro is the only system able to assess each sub-field in turn, providing an amazing amount of information in a scan which takes only a matter of seconds to perform. • The NES-Pro scan shows detailed results in 5 main report screens: • Big Fields – Shows the body’s alignment with the Earth’s main energy fields (gravity, magnetic polar and equatorial). Misalignment with these fields restricts the body’s ability to maintain optimal health. • Energetic Drivers - Reports on the integrity of the individual sub-fields which energise and regulate each organ system. • Energetic Integrators – These energetic pathways are related to meridian theory, allowing the flow of information between systems and around the body.

  6. Energetic Terrains – Thesedisturbances are linked to the field component of disease-forming microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus etc) and provide an energetically supportive environment for microbial growth. • Energetic Stars – Similar to Energetic Integrators, this area of the body-field concerns the pathways governing energy usage of specific organ systems. • In addition, analysis of the above sub-fields can identify potential issues relating to the effect of current disturbances on the body: • Emotions – This highlights emotions which may be significant to the clients, as detected by Energetic Integrator imbalances. • Musculoskeletal – This reports on physical shocks recorded in the body field, or pain that has been or is currently being experienced. • Environmental – Reports on the body’s ability to deal with the impact of environmental factors, including insecticides, electromagnetic fields, solvents and heavy metals. • Intolerance – This gives indications for the need of specific Infoceuticals to reduce acute reactions, improve intolerances and aid absorption of nutrients and regulate sugars. • Nutrition – This reports on the functional integrity of the body-field in relation to the absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients.

  7. The analysis reveals the underlying causes of imbalances, including environmental toxins, shocks, viral terrains, and other factors that have compromised the body-field. • The NES software provides precise information about specific infoceuticals, the highly refined energy-imprinted formulas that are used to repair the bioenergy field at the quantum level. • The NES-Professional detects a wide range of reliable and consistent information about a person's current state of well-being. Subsequent testing reveals the changes, improvement, and alterations that have taken place over time, and which layers of the body-field might need to still be addressed. • A series of NES analyses over time will reveal deeper and deeper levels of imbalances, so a person's readings over time are dynamic, not static. In this way, the NES system is a powerful tool for preventative health analysis.

  8. How Pro-Vision Work? • ProVision works because of two simple principles: •  Information and Energy make up our Reality • Your body sends out Information and Energy which changes the Reality (in this case the ProVision results) that you perceive around you. We can create reality around us… • All matter, at the level of atoms and of electrons and other elementary particles, is mostly empty space. • Most of us are familiar with Einstein's equation E=mc2, where "E" is energy, "m" is matter, and "c" is the speed of light. • It tells us that matter and energy are equivalent. It tells us that matter is pure energy, albeit energy that is in a dense form. • However, because science has mostly ignored the concept of information, we aren't taught about the implications of how information plays into this insight.

  9. It takes only a moment to realize that energy itself is not enough to describe and direct organization and form. Information must be included, because it is what organizes energy. Without information, energy would move chaotically. So, really, we need both energy and information. • Then we apply that information to energy, organizing it into patterns that we call matter (in its mind-boggling array of forms). We can now write a new equation: Information + Energy = Reality. • A person being constructed of Information-Energy fields is like all fields of Energy is able and does interact with the Information-Energy around itself or in other words a person creates Reality around her/himself.

  10. The NES-Professional consists of a base unit and computer software. The base unit acts as a receiver, a pathway for electrons and photons to carry information between the energy-field of the person and the optimal body-field map stored in the computer. The system then compares the person's body-field to this optimal map and notes any deviations, which are displayed via a graphical interface. As a quantum device, the NES-Professional does not test for specific toxins, parasites, viruses, etc. Rather, it looks for whether these factors have caused body-field damage and, if so, it prioritizes the specific information-based infoceuticals that a person can take to correct these body-field disruptions.

  11. Nutri-EnergeticsInfoceuticals • Infoceuticals are a class of substances designed to repair the human body-field at the virtual level, which then corrects the body at the biochemical and cellular level. • They are prepared using the latest advances in field dynamics by imprinting a base of organic, plant-based colloidal minerals with magnetic information corresponding to specific aspects of the optimal body-field. • This information acts as a kind of signpost for the subatomic particles in the bioenergy field, providing core directions to restore any deviations from the optimal map to normal. As the subatomic particles realign themselves, the energy field and physical body regain balance.

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