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GET FIT 2014

GET FIT 2014

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GET FIT 2014

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  1. GET FIT 2014 PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WA CHILDREN Theo kalumo, galanghendriano, Rasmussorsaand john tavener

  2. Aim • Promote physical education in west Australian primary school students. • Create inclusive and engaging activities for all. • Affordable and usable program for all schools. • As a group, we were given the task to come up with an extra curricular activity for children in WA. • Our focus is on having fun and team building. Figure one

  3. RULES and practicality • We decided to create a racecourse that influenced team participation as well as exercising the mind and body. • The course consisted of teams of five going over four obstacles that are easy enough to navigate for children who are less athletic. • At each obstacle there would be a task to complete, as teams would advance only upon completion of each task. • The course will start off with 3 teams of 5, this way each member gets to participate at each obstacle.

  4. Obstacle one • Two team members • First team member is blind folded and the second will lead • Aim is to hit a water balloon containing a building block piece or Lego. • The second teammate will only be allowed to verbally guide them • After the block is collected its time to move on to the second obstacle with a 20 metre jog. Figure two

  5. Obstacle two • The team is to create a structure that is in front of them out of building blocks of Lego. • This will keep the students moving and active whilst stimulating them at the same time • After completion the students are to move to the third obstacle. Figure three

  6. Obstacle three • After running from obstacle two the students are to do a small amount of high intensity cardio • Every student is to skip for one minutebefore the whole team can move on • Small intense cardio is a good way to get the heart rate up • Skipping also improves core strength Figure four

  7. Obstacle four • A 10 question quiz for the whole group • Everyone to participate and questions are adapted by the teachers to meet the current curriculum • Its really only limited on teachers’ imagination and how they involved with the activity as well. • Success in the whole obstacle course will be greatly affected by the quiz giving less athletic children a chance to help the teams. Figure five

  8. BRANDING and Marketing • There is an opportunity to merchandise this activity at alcohol free events such as Yac It Up held in Scarborough. Ran by the youth advisory council. • Events such as Hyper-Fest in Midland provide the ideal setting to promote this extra curricular activity.

  9. conclusion • We are creating a simple to follow four step obstacle course. • Incorporates a variety of activities that aim to improve physical activitiesthat stimulate the students brains. • There a various levels of intensity to the obstacles that that children of all athletic capability are able to benefit from the program. Figure six

  10. THANK you FOR Listening Any further questions?

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