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Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership

Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership

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Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership

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  1. Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership Microsoft Advertising and Turkcell collaborated on a special project during Ramadan. The partnership was extremely successful where Microsoft Advertising delivered a range of innovative and creative solutions to amplify Turkcell’s message within the spirit of Ramadan. Objective: To advertise Turkcell’s NAR package and their21.00-06.00 additional conversation tariffthat lasted throughRamadan. Target Audience: In addition to the people who use Hazır Kart, the target audience comprised of everyone who leave their houses after “iftar” and feel the need to talk until or during “sahur”.

  2. Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership • Solutions: • A special channel on MSN was designed and was live during the whole month of Ramadan. The channel included a range of Microsoft Advertising solutions: page skin, side tabs, other rich media, display advertising... Click here for a demo. • A Ramadan version of the popular game Fruit Ninja was created by our creative partner Arno Brasco. Click here for a demo.It included visual elements of Turkcell’s campaign: the player got extra points for slicing pomegranates – the fruit used in Turkcell’s campaign. The game was placed both on the Ramadan channel and the Game channel of MSN. The audience was directed to the game through MSN, Messenger, Hotmail and the «food recipes» section of the MSN Woman channel. The game is still live with a new concept. Click here to see it. • Rich media and display advertising were used across the network on different MSN channels and WL products. (Click here to see the MSN Side Tab)

  3. Turkcell Ramadan Special Partnership «With the implementation of the ‘Ramazan’aNar Bereketi’project that communicated our campaign message on a one-to-one basis and corresponded perfectly to our aim and product, we reached a high number of users in a short time.» Bora Başman, Turkcell