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for Mobile Devices

for Mobile Devices

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for Mobile Devices

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  1. for Mobile Devices Driving Behavior can now be incorporated into Dreevo 3, Dreevo 3 Lite and C4D with new levels of simplicity and speed to market Commonsense is the realised sense of proportion - MohandasGandhi -

  2. About Us SAGAsystem ehf. is an innovative company that was established in 2000. Operating a proven business concept based on a patented application. The patented driving behavioral analysis is based on calculating GPSdataonly. NoCAN-bus or any other in vehicle connection is needed !

  3. Position DAP (Driving Assessment Program) from SAGAsystemTM patented solution has a different approach to a growing need in the market. If companies want to enhance their prospective with a Eco-friendly emphasis, reductioninaccidentsand more general efficientvehicle operation then this here is a well proven solution.

  4. Everything should be made as simple as possible butnot simpler. “ ”

  5. Patent driven solution SAGAsystemTM began its Patent procedure in 2002 because of its uniqueness of the driving behavior formula. SAGAsystemTM is now in its final steps of the application procedure. A METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING A TRACK RECORD OF A MOVING OBJECT EP1518212, US2005256640

  6. Add-on feature – The abstract • Do you operate yourown Fleet Management system? • Would you like to add a newfeaturethat assists your clients to obtain these kind of savings? • Reduction in accidentrates by 20 to 60% • Reduction in fueluseby 10 to 14% • Extend vehiclelifespanby 20 to over 50% • And many other operationalsavingfactors… • If the answer to both of these questions are positivethen here is a brief introduction the business case.

  7. The business case in a simple synopsis • The business case for adding DAP from SAGAsystemTMinto an existing fleet management system. • Get a solution license agreement signed by both parties. • Solution implementation would start. • SAGAsystemTM can provide upon request for any advisory work on implementing and processing this new data for a streamlined dataflow to the end user for maximum results. • Every working hour: € 100 • Every 8 hour working day on-site is: € 1000 (all travel expenses are excluded)

  8. The business case in a simple synopsis • Customer starts to sell the added value service to current and potential clients. • For every single subscription sold would follow a license fee off 1€ per month per vehicle. Currently this is being sold as an add-on feature for 13€ per month. • From the first installation and during the first three months a charge per subscription would be charged but after then there is a 1.000€ minimum a month. • Attn: In some cases there might be some additional charges on the SIM cards for this enhanced data amounts but there are ways to could help reduce that impact so the margin can sit more with the customer.

  9. SAGAsystem ehf. Grensásvegur 3 IS-108 Reykjavik Iceland Tel: +354-563-7700 Mob: +354-895-0100 Fax: +354-533-1531