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E- Commerce: Challenges and constraints PowerPoint Presentation
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E- Commerce: Challenges and constraints

E- Commerce: Challenges and constraints

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E- Commerce: Challenges and constraints

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  1. E- Commerce: Challenges and constraints اعداد الطالب : محمود تيسير الخالدي تحت اشراف : أ.ياسمين البوبو الرقم الجامعي : 120090005 كلية : IT جامعة فلسطين

  2. The definition of e-commerce • Trade is based on supply and demand of goods, and to make payment electronically through the tools and applications on the Internet ensure that the buyer and the seller their full rights • Is a set of production processes, marketing, sales and purchase through the use of Internet applications • What is the stage of advanced trade, used applied information and communication technology

  3. What types of E-commerce ? There are five types of popular e-commerce, which is classified buying and selling with a different class of buyers and sellers The first type is (B2B) is an abbreviation for Business-to-Business The second type is the most famous (B2C) which stands for Business-to-Consumer The third type of types of e-commerce is (B2E) is an abbreviation of the word Business-to-Employee Type IV is (B2G) is an abbreviation for Business-to-Government (C2C) is an abbreviation for Consumer-to-Consumer The fifth and final

  4. The benefits of electronic commerce for the buyer 1 Entry to the world market at any time2 The availability of better options and lower cost3 Get the free samples of digital products4 Easy shopping process and speed of5 The interaction between client 1sThe benefits of e-commerce vendor1 Reduces the cost and increase profits2 Expand markets access to the global market3 Accuracy and speed in the transfer of information

  5. Examples of e-commerce sites The basic requirements for e-commerce1 Computer 2 Internet 3 Sites 4 E-commerce software

  6. Steps and methods provided by the sites to complete the process of buying a product online1 Product Search 2 Mobilization Information Form 3 Determine the method of payment 4 Send a message to confirmExamples of search engines for goods 1 2 3

  7. The classification of electronic commerce by: 1 level of use of the Internet in business processes 2 According to the identity of the parties to the business process

  8. Important Note: Electronic commerce is not a synonym of the term e-business electronic acts of the broader e-commerce and extended to other administrative activities and productivity and service, financial and relate not only to question the relationship of customer

  9. What are the qualities that should be available in e-commerce sites? 1 Design attractive 2 The front windows are in several languages 3 Detailed information about the product in the form of electronic evidence 4 New technologies to meet overseas orders and payment processing financial 5 Contains the vehicles for online shopping 6 The site design languages Java and HTML

  10. Electronic modes of payment?1 credit card 2 electronic checks 3 digital cash electronic End