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Bunk Beds - Versatile Space Savers

Bunk Beds - Versatile Space Savers

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Bunk Beds - Versatile Space Savers

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  1. This introductory guide will help you to find out all the information you'll need to choose the right one for your home.

  2. 2. Bunk beds are Great for Children, College Students, and Those Who Live in Small Spaces Children's bedrooms are notoriously smaller than adult bedrooms. This small size makes it difficult to fit a bed, a dresser, a desk, and other necessary furniture into a child's bedroom. A bunk bed can be useful for children's rooms as it can combine a sleeping and storage space. For those who have children who need to share a room, they save space for other furniture and toys. In addition, they can be great for college students and those who live in a small living space. For college students who need a roommate, their tiered space saving can be a great option, this also applies to those who live in a studio apartment.

  3. 3. Types of Bunk beds • Standard: Standard bunks are made with two bed frames stacked directly over each other. Two people can sleep in these beds. • Twin Over Full: These bunks have a full size frame and mattress on the bottom and a single size frame and mattress on the top. Three people can sleep in these beds. • Loft Bed: A loft bed only has the top bunk and mattress. This leaves space to put a desk, dresser, or other furniture underneath the bed frame to utilize space. • L-Shape Bunk: The L-shape bunk has a bottom bed that sits at a right angle to the top bed. This forms an L shape when viewed from above. The L-shape allows you to utilize space by being able to place a dresser, desk, or other furniture underneath the top bunk. • Futon Bunk: Futon bunks are useful because the bottom bed in a futon bunk can convert to a couch for daytime use.

  4. 4. Steel Versus Wood Construction Bunk beds can be constructed out of steel or wood. Both types of construction have their benefits. Whether your tastes run to contemporary, provincial, colonial, or your own unique style, there are plenty of bunk bed styles to choose from. Metal bunks are typically made with metal rods, wrought iron, and steel tubing. There are a number of benefits of metal bunks which include the following: • Less expensive than wood. • They are lightweight and can be easily moved. • Modern appearance • Durability

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