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Dependent Eligibility Audits

AFLAC. How To Use. To Reduce Healthcare Costs. Dependent Eligibility Audits. The Big IDEA ● Internet Dependent Eligibility Audits . Dependent Eligibility Audits. We find and remove ineligible dependents. Benefits to Employer. REDUCE. MAINTAIN. DECREASE. Healthcare Costs.

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Dependent Eligibility Audits

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  1. AFLAC How To Use To Reduce Healthcare Costs Dependent Eligibility Audits The Big IDEA ● Internet Dependent Eligibility Audits

  2. Dependent Eligibility Audits We find and remove ineligible dependents

  3. Benefits to Employer REDUCE MAINTAIN DECREASE HealthcareCosts Plan FiduciaryResponsibility Claim Risks(stop loss)

  4. Results From Hospital Audit Dependents2,400 Dependents Removed7.8% 1st Year Savings$393,498

  5. Results From Manufacturer Audit Dependents4,500 Dependents Removed6% 1st Year Savings$750,000

  6. Results From School Audit Dependents700 Dependents Removed6.8% 1st Year Savings$300,000

  7. The Big IDEA AFLAC and Impact Technology People Knowledge Significant Results For Employers

  8. Technology Customized Website • Employer’s SPD • Custom Rules • Custom Questions • Document Requirements • Product Offerings Crown Technologies

  9. Technology Target Ineligibles • Drill-Down Questions • Define Relationships • Time and Date Stamp • Spousal Carveouts and Surcharges

  10. People Trained Counselors • Organize the Audit • Schedule Employees • Face-to-Face Interviews • Ask Affidavit Questions • Explain Document Requirements Take Advantage of AFLAC’s Strengths

  11. People Skilled Auditors • Employee Call Center • Document Tracking • Document Adjudication • Post-Audit Reporting Take Advantage of Impact’s Strengths

  12. Process Well-Executed Event • Conduct Planning Session • Acquire SPD and Data • Develop Website • Train Counselors • Provide Templates* • Implement Event • Deliver Reports * For employee communications

  13. Communications - Newsletter

  14. Communications – Payroll Stuffer

  15. Communications – Letter

  16. Communications – Email

  17. Typical ROI on Audits Client Profile • 1,000 Employees • 500 with Covered Dependents • 1,000 Dependents • $3,000 Average Annual Healthcare Costs * Letters to employee homes

  18. Executive Summary of Methodology / Results • Participation Status • Call Center Status • Document Submission Status • Ineligible Results • Analysis of Ineligibles • Annualized Savings

  19. The Bottom Line The Internet Dependent Eligibility Audit A comprehensive, customized, personally-delivered solution designed to help you identify ineligible dependents and control healthcare costs. 12/21/2011

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