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High Quality Marine Fender and Boat Gunwale PowerPoint Presentation
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High Quality Marine Fender and Boat Gunwale

High Quality Marine Fender and Boat Gunwale

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High Quality Marine Fender and Boat Gunwale

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  1. All about Marine Fenders

  2. Maine fenders are added to the pontoons to protect your boat while mooring or lying at its home berth. They are specially designed and manufactured to protect cruisers from damage against the edges and corners of marina pontoons.

  3. QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE CHOOSING MARINE FENDERS • Do you need marine fenders for protection against scuffing and scratching or stand up to solid impact? • Whether you want it for localised protection at likely bump spots or full coverage of the berth?

  4. What is the amount of impact absorption do you want? • How much does your boat weigh? If it’s heavier, your fendering must be more robust. • Get permission from the marina operators before installing any fendering.

  5. PRODUCTS TO CONSIDER Rubber or Vinyl Extrusions Rubber or vinyl extrusions are suitable for boats with lighter weight and also still needs conventional fenders.   Inflatable Fenders Inflatable fenders extend good protection to boats and have a high amount of impact absorptions. But these can be bulky and often deflates.

  6. PERIMETER SYSTEMS These perimeter systems establish good impact protection, energy absorption and prevent fender creep. This requires professional’s installation and provides extra protection for boats against the top edge of the pontoon due to boat rock.

  7. EVA BUMP FENDER EVA bump fenders can be fixed around the entire pontoon and serves as a good bow or stern buffer. These systems are silent, quiet to use, easy to install and very economically viable. These products are designed to absorb over 50% of energy on impact.

  8. Looking for high quality marine fenders to protect your investment from unnecessary damage? Visit Call: 02 9748 2638   E-mail: