green tree frogs end n.
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Green Tree Frogs end PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Tree Frogs end

Green Tree Frogs end

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Green Tree Frogs end

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  1. Click on the frog to see fun facts about green tree frogs Click on this frog to see what they look like. Click on this frog to see the life cycle. Click on this frog to see what they eat Green Tree Frogs end Click on this frog to see there habitat. Click this frog to see why they croak

  2. Habitats • Green Tree Frog’s are found in western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, In the North of South Australia and New South Wales. • They live in trees near lots of swamps.

  3. What Green Tree Frogs eat • They eat insects such as cockroaches, spiders, flies, flees and crickets and sometimes mice. • They catch their food with their sticky tongue.

  4. What Green Tree Frogs look like. • Frogs have sticky pads on their feet so they can stick to things. The frog's eyes are either red, yellow, brown, green, silver or gold. • Green Tree Frogs have green soft skin, sometimes their skin can turn olive green to camouflage. The main colour of a Green Tree Frog is mainly light green, dark green or a brownish colour. 

  5. The Green Tree Frog’s life cycle. • First the mother chooses a leaf to start laying eggs. A mother can lay about 100 eggs and stays close to them to keep them safe especially at night. After about 1-2 days the eggs start to go a blue- green colour. Between 4-5 days the Tadpoles start to hatch. It takes about 5-7 days to hatch

  6. Why green tree frogs croak • Green tree frogs croak because it is a warning to other frogs that rain is coming • Some times croaking of a green tree frog becomes quacking because it is so loud.

  7. Fun Facts • Did you know …The green tree frogs can climb smooth surfaces by clinging with their belly skin and the pads on their toes. • Did you know…depending on the mood of the frog, the colour may sometimes fade to a dark khaki-green. • Did you know … green tree frogs can eat 20% of their body weight in insects.

  8. Thank You For Watching • We hope you enjoy the slideshow about green tree frogs. • By Georgia and Molly