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  1. PAC Powhatan Autism Collaboration Team

  2. What we have done…. • Team was formed in 2005 • Members of team included: • Parent • Administrator • General Education Teacher • Special Education Teacher • Other Members attended training sessions given by T-TAC and developed goals for the team.

  3. Team members agreed to meet monthly to plan and share information • A “Needs Assessment” was developed and delivered via e-mail to the entire staff of Powhatan County. Results were analyzed and used to set further goals for the team. • The School Board was introduced to members of the team and a short presentation was delivered at one of the regular School Board meetings.

  4. Awareness Training was developed with the help of the “mentors” from VCU T-TAC. • The first presentation of the training was at a Parent Resource Center workshop… and was a success!! • More trainings followed at each one of the five county schools—2 elementary, one middle, one junior high and one high school. Presentations were delivered to staff at faculty meetings.

  5. Handout packets were developed and given to each staff member: • Packets included: • PAC flyer that included information about autism, team members names and contact information; • Resource list of materials • Short articles.. • Temple Grandin • 10 Things Your Child with Autism Wants You to Know

  6. Book Group for Parents—Collaborative effort with Parent Resource Center • Observations and Collaboration with teachers • Purchase of materials for PAC resource library • Awareness Training for local YMCA staff

  7. Participation in community activities to raise awareness: • Spring Fling and Fall Festival • Gave literature to adults that included PAC flyer, ASC brochure and PRC card • Talked with people who had questions about autism • Children made bead bracelets that included the colors in the “autism puzzle” logo • Children also had the opportunity to explore and play with “fidget toys, “goop” and other sensory activities. If their parents agreed, the children were also able to take home their own “goop” in provided Ziploc baggies.

  8. Awarded money from team funds to a high school computer teacher who has her students design autism “fact” mini-posters that are displayed during April (Autism Awareness Month) to raise awareness at the high school about autism. • Continue to recruit and train new team members as members leave or rotate off the team.

  9. Future Planned Activities… • Offer awareness training to surrounding counties • Offer awareness training to local day care and child care facilities • Continue to attend trainings offered, using team funds to pay for fees. Members who attend trainings then bring the information back to share with other members of the team.

  10. Purchase and learn to use “video modeling” software • Continue to purchase and expand PAC’s library of books and materials • Continue to offer observation and collaboration to staff • Continue to expand awareness in the community • Continue to meet monthly and expand the team’s knowledge base.

  11. Questions…..

  12. Thank you!!