guess the covered word n.
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Guess the Covered Word PowerPoint Presentation
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Guess the Covered Word

Guess the Covered Word

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Guess the Covered Word

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  1. Guess the Covered Word

  2. Goods from the Factory to You Today my class is going on a field trip to visit a T-shirt f actory. A factory is a building where people produce goods. We will learn how people make T-shirts for consumers who will buy them. f actory pr oduce c onsumers Text from: Scott Foresman Social Studies Unit 3 Lesson 3 pg 120

  3. Directions for use • **Please note that this is an interactive lesson. You will be using PowerPoint to teach. MAKE SURE THE SHOW IS PLAYING BEFORE SHOWING TO THE KIDS • To change this presentation to create your own Guess the Covered Word using PowerPoint 2000: • Select the text box and highlight the text. • Type your text over the existing text. • Move and resize the boxes to cover the blank boxes that are underneath. (when you run the show you will not see the text- it will appear over the blank boxes. When I typed in the paragraph I also made the covered word the same color as the background so that it would hold the space.) • If you need more boxes, click on the box and choose Edit: Copy and then Edit: Paste • You will then need to right click and choose Custom Animation. Make sure the boxes with the text will appear when the mouse is clicked. • Choose text that will fit on one slide using a font size students can easily see. Text from: Scott Foresman Social Studies pg