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Mick Say

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Mick Say

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  1. Mick Say Social Media Coaching Consultant Digital Endorsements: making social media work for road safety

  2. Digital Endorsements: making social media work for road safety

  3. Housekeeping Get With the program ! Smart Phones Turn them on and Tweet !”

  4. Mick Say Born: 1961 Brotton, Cleveland. UK Base: Herne, Kent First Job: Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Career: Field Sales Professional Field Sales Manager Sales Director Sales and Marketing Director Business Development Consultant Business: The Online Marketing Academy Online Business Development Consultant

  5. 1 Website Development Make you look good 2 Search Engine Optimisation Get you Found 3 Social & Digital Media Strategy Amplify & Project 4 Inbound Marketing Win & retain more customers Online Marketing Strategy Grow the business

  6. 20 learning Years Mistakes Trial & Error

  7. Why social media & digital marketing is important for road safety organisations.

  8. Overwhelm low quality and potentially dangerous web content with accurate, meaningful road safety information.

  9. Social Media Social Mediaincludes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

  10. Definition “Social Media” Social Media > is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.

  11. What is Web 2.0 ? Web 1.0 = Static Web 2.0 = Interactive

  12. Use “Social Media” Social Mediais media for social interaction as a super-set beyond social communication. Enabled by freely accessible and scalable communication techniques which have substantially changed the way individuals, communities and organisations communicate.

  13. Why is Social Media Important ? It’s the number 1 Activity on the web… Social Media can be used to fuel interest in a product, a cause, a brand or any organisational message…

  14. Double edged sword which must be wielded responsibly [ but usually isn’t! ]

  15. When Sir Alex told Ronaldo “Give it to Rooney”

  16. When the America marine was ordered to mount the camel for a positive press opportunity.

  17. Love it or hate it this is the language of social media Ordinary people at every intellectual level are given the opportunity to take a story and spin it their way.

  18. Example of negative spinning: When Tony Hayward said: “I’d like my life back” Tony Hayward Things could have been different…

  19. Example’s of negative spinning: When Safety Cameras Are misrepresented ! Policy Makers People Don’t Understand Social Media • Social Media ? • It’s a waist of time ! • It’s a waist of resources ! • It could embarrass us ! • We don’t trust our staff to use it wisely ? • Our Communication policy forbids it’s use

  20. As a result of Policy Maker misunderstanding Negative media Swamps positive media created by responsible stakeholders and budget is squandered.


  22. Traffic Enforcement Camera

  23. Admirable!

  24. but !

  25. Speed Camera

  26. At last a positive Image…… Found on a forum with… Lots of links and adverts for Safety Camera Detection Devices. Negative media and conversation swamp the positive WHY ?

  27. Policy Makers People Don’t UnderstandDigital Marketing “Digital Language” is a phenomenon of the “Digital Age”

  28. Armed with the knowledge that the majority of people search for “Speed Cameras” Why do we focus copy written for “Safety Cameras” With just a little SEO copy writing and digital strategy training we can utilise both phrases without prejudicing corporate responsibility.

  29. Evolution A brief history of the internet and how it works..

  30. the www TimBL December 1990

  31. 1993 to 1977