regina tours israel s leading tour operator n.
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Regina Tours: Israel’s Leading Tour Operator PowerPoint Presentation
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Regina Tours: Israel’s Leading Tour Operator

Regina Tours: Israel’s Leading Tour Operator

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Regina Tours: Israel’s Leading Tour Operator

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  1. Regina Tours: Israel’s Leading Tour Operator How does it feel to be at a place that oozes calmness and divinity? Surely it brings tranquility and eradicates all negativities in you. When you put your feet on holy land, it will entirely take you to a different zone and you will witness positive energy all around you. If you want to connect with the almighty in true sense then embarking on a spiritual journey can do wonders! It takes away all the pessimistic thoughts from your mind and sets you free from the materialistic world, and most importantly, awaken your spiritual side! Founded in 1995, Regina Tours has been inspiring people from all across the world to unravel the mystique beauty of Israel and encouraging them to sojourn in Israel once to indulge in the true spiritual experience. It is a one-stop tour operator to get the enticing travel packages for the pilgrimage to Israel. Regina Tours has come up with a unique range of pilgrimage packages of Israel where you can cover some of the astounding places with your friends and family and discover the beauty of this holy country. A prominent travel agency, Regina Tours is operated by a small group and it specializes in providing the finest range of holy land tour packages structured according to your budget, time and interest. Not only you can travel to Jerusalem but you can also take a trip to its neighboring countries namely Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece! At Regina Tours, you can choose different kinds of tour packages ranging from weekly departures, daily tours to city breaks. Besides the spiritual journey, Regina Tours gives you an opportunity to behold the beauty of historic places and know the history of the Jewish fighters. And, when it comes to visiting the historic place, Massada and the Dead Sea are a must-visit. Just soak yourself in the shores of the Dead Sea and take a close look at the mountain fortress built by the great King Herod.

  2. So, if you are all set to walk in the alleys of Catholic pilgrimages cities, Regina Tours awaits you! Regina Tours was established by Mr. Benji Shavit, a veteran entrepreneur who has got 40 years of experience in the travel industry. He along with his team of professionals strives hard to provide the best kind of pilgrimage tours enriched in spirituality, archaeology and history. Join your hands with Regina Tours and establish a bond with the heavenly world! For more details, visit