commonly misspelled w ords n.
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Commonly Misspelled W ords PowerPoint Presentation
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Commonly Misspelled W ords

Commonly Misspelled W ords

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Commonly Misspelled W ords

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  1. Commonly Misspelled Words By Zoe J Whitch which is whitch?

  2. WhichWitch which is witch? The definition being- Basically a question- which one? • I personally usually confuse this with WHITCH, the lady( or man) that has a pointy hat. But this which has no T spelled WHICH.

  3. Witch(sorceress) The definition being- A person, usually a woman, who usually practices magic, especially black magic. • I usually confuse this WHITCH with the other WHICH. The strategy that I have used is that the T is missing from the opposite of this word.

  4. Except The definition being- The exclusion of; but. • I usually confuse this with ACCEPT, meaning to take or receive. The way I remember this is that except is negative , and e is further from the beginning of the alphabet than a, so it seems meaner.

  5. Accept The definition being- To take or receive when something is offered; with approval or favor. She accepted her invitation to the party.

  6. Desert The definition being- This landscape has little rainfall, and supports very widely spaced vegetation, and maybe no vegetation at all. • This is often confused with DESSERT. The way I remember, the same as the following slide, is that you want less desert than dessert, so desert should have one less S spelled DESERT.

  7. Dessert The Definition Being- Cake, pie , pudding, ice cream, macaroons, etc., that are served at the last course of the meal. • This is often confused with DESERT, which is a sandy climate that is hot, sandy, and dry. The way I remember is that you want more dessert that desert, so you put one extra S in it for example desSert, you like this better so it deserves one extra S spelled DESSERT.

  8. Crescent The definition being- The figure of the moon in its first or last quarter. It could also be a type of roll. • I often confuse this and spell it CRECENT, even though it Is supposed to be spelled- CRESCENT.

  9. Border The definition being- A boundary that may block something , it also may be an object(s) or line surrounding something. For example there is a border dividing each of the states of the united states. In a sentence it may be- After a long journey, the Europeans finally crossed the border in to California. • I often confuse this with BOARDER, meaning a guest who is temporarily residing in your home, but the definition I would be going for would be the definition above, spelled BORDER.

  10. Pyramids The definition being- a Quadrilateral, and 3D triangle/ tetrahedron used as a tomb for a pharaoh. This building may have taken about one to two decades to complete in ancient Egypt, this would be entirely of large blocks of limestone. A single completed structure would only take one single pharaoh to his or her afterlife. • I would often confuse this, and spell it PIRIMIDS. This would be wrong, and as you may see it is spelled- PYRAMIDS.