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Build Familiarity

Digital Solution and Campaign Model. This model can be applied to a thorough clients needs assessment to create a custom digital marketing campaign. . Consumer Purchasing Funnel . Digital Product Pyramid. Client Proposal. Awareness. Build Familiarity. Campaign/Proposal. Opinion. O&O.

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Build Familiarity

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  1. Digital Solution and Campaign Model This model can be applied to a thorough clients needs assessment to create a custom digital marketing campaign. Consumer Purchasing Funnel Digital Product Pyramid Client Proposal Awareness Build Familiarity Campaign/Proposal Opinion O&O Local.com Banners Mobile Banners Behavioral Targeting/Email Search Partner Inventory Social, Mobile, Email, Video Opinion & Imagery Consideration Audience Targeted Display Model Intention & Shopping Search / SEM / SEO Purchase


  3. Importance of paid search Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM/ PPC) • Your consumers are searching: • 81% of consumers online find products and services using search engines. • 13MAustralians now online making 6M searches/ day on Google • 63.9% use search engines as 1st step in buying process • 54.6% are 1-3 months from making buying decision • 89.7% are 2 weeks- 6 months from making buying decision • 36.8% researched and bought online • 27.3% researched online and bought offline Sources: Google, Forrester, Nielsen.

  4. Our approach to paid search Let us help you maximise your presence Research: We identify ways to get a competitive advantage on a weekly basis. Focus: On the core areas of your business and target search phrases that will drive low cost, quality leads. Optimise: Continuously analysing and optimising the best creative.

  5. What we do differently Our approach to paid search • Focus on 5 elements of PPC: • Keyword Research & Optimisation • Text Ad Composition & Optimisation • Landing Page Selection & Optimisation • Ad Extension Selection & Optimisation • ROI Based Optimisation • Deploy campaign best practices : • Tightly themed ad groups based on unique services and information you offer • Weekly Optimisation: • Utilize negative keywords • Add/ expand keywords • A/B testing • Keyword cost per click (CPC) review • How this impacts you: • Each campaign is customised to your goals, unlike our competitors that deploy a universal approach • Full transparency into what is being spent on search engines • Saves you time + improves your CPC= better return on investment

  6. Quality score: what it is Our approach to paid search: we align to quality score

  7. Quality score: why it is important Our approach to paid search: we align to quality score < Eligibility: Determines whether your ad is eligibleto enter the auction for that query Position: Determines the relative position of your ad in relation to the other ads on that result rage Price: A better Quality Score reduces the price you need to bid to maintain a given position Top Slot: Only high quality ads are eligible to appear above the natural search results BC $ %

  8. What we do differently: ad exentsions example Our approach to paid search: example ad extensions • Site Links • Displays more ad text lines related to advertiser services • 40% improvement in CTR Location Extensions Shows brick and motor store location with GPS Call Extensions Click-to-Call ads drive an 8% improvement in CTR Social Extensions Uplift in CTR by giving ads more personal context

  9. Dedicated to your search success Our approach to paid search Certified, highly skilled professionals Our certified, highly skilled professionals will improve all aspects of your Search Marketing efforts. • Our search solution offers: • Certified employees dedicated to your account. • Granular tracking and data model analysis. • Efficient and effective pricing models.

  10. Reporting and analytics Full transparency into reporting • Monthly Report with FULL transparency: automatic monthly report showing all campaign performance details by keyword: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost & CPC • Google AdWords & Analytics sync: PPC Specialist helps link accounts for auto-tagging for best transparency and set up custom conversion goals (or UTM tags) • Analyze & Optimise:towards goals such as CTR, phone calls & otherwise to increase ROI

  11. Display

  12. Display and search combined drive brand recall Amplify search efforts with display • Display advertising generates more search volume, clicks and conversions • Effect of display ad exposure on search may is not immediate but is significant “after a period of two weeks” • Together, search and display boost brand recall by nearly double! Source: emarketer and Harvard Business, “Do Display Ads Influence Search? Attribution and Dynamics in Online Advertising

  13. AdTaxi Audience Sourcing Solution • AdTaxi accesses the largest marketplace of premium ad inventory and leverages premium data targeting to minimize wasted views. • AdTaxi can access more than 10 - 15 Billion impression each day from more than 700 publishers brand safe. • Targeting • Demographic • Behavioral • Geographic • Frequency Capping • Retargeting CNN.COM Local.com YAHOO.COM HGTV.COM

  14. Display Targeting (by audience) 1 Geographic Targeting 3 Ad Delivery Ex: Regional Zones 2 Targeting -by Content -by Behavior -by Demographic Ad Taxi is a Digital Ad Network owned and managed by Media News Group that gives its advertisers (in any market) an opportunity to reach audiences in any postal code or DMA across thousands of national and local websites . These are a few examples of some of the websites that your ad can be displayed.

  15. Smart Audience Targeting Fashion Education Family Finance Politics Shopping Science Gadgets Sports Business Health Moms Travel Cultural Real Estate Games Automotive Weather Dating Holidays Jobs Music Pets Home Improvement

  16. Retarget Users Based on Site Engagement  Re-engage with customers who started a shopping cart, but didn’t finish    Target customers based on products they searched for   Re-engage with customers interested in high-margin products Increase retention by targeting “Shop-A-Likes”

  17. How Retargeting Works Users engages other sites User is returned to your website Users visits your website YAHOO.COM DP.COM CNN.COM CNN.COM CNN.COM User sees your ad User Clicks on your ad

  18. Mobile

  19. Mobile to account for 51% of web traffic Source: Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2012-2017 (March, 2013)

  20. Product • Geo-Targeting • Nationwide • State/Region/Province • Regional Zones • Target-by-Device • iPhone • Android • Blackberry • Windows Mobile Place your message on news & interest mobile sites, targeting users geographically, by device or by interest. • Target-by-Content Type • News • Sports • Business Space shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, March 9, 2011. 

  21. Video

  22. Reach your ideal audience: through video • Pre-Roll video served on leading publisher sites. • In-Banner video served in IAB banner unit (i.e. 300x250) alongside premium content. • We aggregate inventory from top publishers, YouTube, ad exchanges, ad servers, supply side platforms, Facebook social games and other transparent sources. • Ideal for :15 and :30 spotsto extend the reach to new audiences across multiple platforms. • Vast targeting: channel, behavioral, geo. • Social Video Demographic Targeting – we can target select audiences by age and gender on the Facebook platform with social video.

  23. Our approach to video: optimization • Optimization – use real-time metrics like demographics, second-by-second engagement and social network sharing. We automatically shift spend to placements and audience segments where ad is having the biggest impact. We optimize by: views, completions, clicks, shares, or CPV (cost per view). • Brand and site safety: every site accessed by our buying platform has been manually screened by a dedicated team and ranked into tiers by quality. Advertisers can choose which quality tiers they want to run on.

  24. Social

  25. Social Media History 9 million total daily active users on facebook (desktop & mobile; 7.3M mobile only) Today 12M Monthly active users in Australia 1.01 Billion people on Facebook worldwide Source: SMH Digital Life, April 2013

  26. How Facebook Has Changed Facebook is now a pay-to-play game. In 2012 Facebook implemented EdgeRank, an algorithm that governs what is displayed, and how high it is displayed, on the News Feed. Have you noticed less likes and comments? This change impacted your visibility with your fan base. We can help! Our social experts can develop an EdgeRankstrategy to ensure your business has the highest possible visibility on Facebook. AFTER BEFORE REACH:20% of fans REACH: 80-100% of fans

  27. Re-establish (establish) facebook presence For each fb page: Claim facebook pages, re-establish as business pg Create cover photos and profile pictures Add milestones to business timeline Write SEO-rich “ABOUT” section Facebook ad campaign to gain “likes” (13 ad types) Sponsored posts: 8 posts- 2/ week for fan acquisition in your first month 2 4 3 5 6

  28. Sponsored Engagement Ad Types Facebook Ads Promoted Posts Sponsored Stories • Sponsored stories alert friends of your fans when your fans engage with your brand. • Page Likes and Comments • Events Joined • Apps & Games Played • Apps Shared • Post, Likes & Comments Facebook Ads appear live on the right side of the page and are served to your target market. Promoted Posts ensure your posts get seen by keeping them at the top of the newsfeed.

  29. Sponsored Engagement: Content Creation 10-24 Posts • Content creation: 10-24 posts/ month • Response strategy & execution • Paid Facebook Promotion to gain Likes on mobile & desktop • Fan Retention & Edge Rank Strategy: engage and grow your entire fan base • Monthly Consult Call: review reports, best practices

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