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Natural Crystal Stone Charged with Reiki Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Crystal Stone Charged with Reiki Energy

Natural Crystal Stone Charged with Reiki Energy

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Natural Crystal Stone Charged with Reiki Energy

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  1. REIJUUK Natural Crystal Stone Charged with Reiki Energy

  2. Glitter Large White Angel Wings Dish Bowl Gift Tealight Candle & Holder Natural Ammonite Orthoceras Marble Fossil Sculpture In Stone Stand 493g These angel wings bowls have a raised centre to fit in a tealight candle. Each bowl has glitter on and is detailed with angel wings. You will receive the tealight holder and candle as in the pictures shown. Size is 10cm wide x 11xm depth x 5cm height approx. You will receive this exact stone sculpture which weighs in at 493g. Orthoceras is actually an extinct marine animal which is in ancestors to today's squid and are said to be the first recognizable animals on earth. This piece actually has a few of these fossils on this statue. This piece is 400 million years old!. Size is 20cm high x 8cm wide (200mm x 80mm) approx.

  3. Prosperity/Good Fortune Buddha & Tumble Stone Set A beautiful "Prosperity" Tumble Stone & Buddha Set that will be sent gift wrapped too! All of the genuine stones in this set are beneficial for prosperity & good fortune. The size of each crystal tumble stone is approximately 2cm x 2cm x 2cm although the shapes and sizes do vary. The buddha has great detail and is approx 4cm tall approx and made of resin We will send this Reiki Charged as I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner & Crystal Healing Therapist. Each Crystal will be sent gift wrapped in an organza pouch, with a description of the stone and instructions on how to use this. In this "Prosperity" set you will get one of each of the following tumble stones which are all good stones for attracting good fortune and prosperity- Sapphire Citrine Topaz Sardonyx

  4. Natural Shungite, Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian Crystal Stone Gift Wrapped Inc Description Card Protection Tumble Set You will receive a set of x3 natural crystal tumble stones including one of each of the below tumble stones. Each set will be sent gift wrapped with a description label. Shungite Black Obsidian Black Tourmaline All three crystals are the best for protection and protect against mobile phone radiation, electromagnetic disturbancs, radiation and negative energies of all kinds.