medieval warfare n.
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Medieval warfare

Medieval warfare

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Medieval warfare

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  1. Medieval warfare Dylan Ferris, Nathanael Simpson Weapons

  2. Long Bows Can pierce armor at 250 yards. Made in the 12th century.

  3. Camouflage

  4. Recurve Bows Recurve bows have lesser draw weight than the long bow, although very effective. The recurve bow was constructed later than the longbow in the 13th century.

  5. One & half handed sword This was probably the most used sword in Medieval times Can be used with shield, on a horse, or with both hands

  6. knight Knights were like the modern tank, as well as like the modern special forces. They were heavily armored and very skilled. They also believed in the rules of chivalry.

  7. Two handed sword Has a longer handle for the effect of more power and force. This sword can also be used as somewhat of a bashing weapon due to it’s large and heavy set build.

  8. Dagger These were the secondary weapons in the 11th century. They were also part of the knights weapon set. It was a double sided sharp blade that was fashioned to be like a miniature sword.

  9. War Machines Catapults would launch rocks, dead animals, and flaming balls at, and over the enemies walls As early as 885 AD. The trebuchet is a later model than the catapult. It has a counter weight for it to throw projectiles from a greater distance and with more accuracy. Was applied in the 13th century.

  10. Quote/Credits • Carl: I’m not going to jump off a cliff just cause you say so. • Halt: Oh I would never ask for someone to do that. Your going to jump off the cliff because if you don’t I will shoot you with an arrow. So what I suggest is that you jump an might live rather than get shot in the back and then fall off the cliff anyways. But you decide. • • •