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The Telegraph Newspaper Advertisement PowerPoint Presentation
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The Telegraph Newspaper Advertisement

The Telegraph Newspaper Advertisement

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The Telegraph Newspaper Advertisement

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  1. Classified Advertising Solutions

  2. The Telegraph is a popular newspaper in Kolkata and its suburbs. Since its foundation, it has gone a long way to endorsing itself as one of the most trusted bands in our country. As per the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) this newspaper is the fifth most widely read English newspaper in India. The Telegraph has a circulation of 464,588 copies daily as per the Audit Bureau of circulation and that’s what makes them the first choice of every advertiser who is willing to reach out to the people of West Bengal. This newspaper features articles on various topics which include sports, films, lifestyle, health, business, fashion and much more that interests people of different age groups. About The Telegraph

  3. Merits of advertising in The Telegraph In The Telegraph advertisers can book ads under different categories which helps them to reach out people of all age groups. Beside this advertiser get other advantages too which are detailed below- Brand recognition - Newspaper ads creates a good image of the brand or company who wish to promote themselves in the target market. Ads in Telegraph help the advertisers to reach out their right audiences at a single go! Captive readers- Studies shows that people spend more than half an hour on reading a newspaper so if your ad gets strategically placed in the newspaper it will surely grab the eyeballs of your target readers. Cost-efficient method- The ad rates in The Telegraph are comparatively lower so advertisers can place ads at budget friendly rates. Different advertising options are available on various budgets and they are easily affordable by both individual advertisers and businesses.

  4. Why book newspaper Ads in The Telegraph ? Readership of over 10 lakh Amongst the TOP 10 English newspapers in the country Circulation of 464,588copies daily

  5. Types of Ads in The Telegraph 1) Classified Text Ads • These are also known as run on line ads (ROL), these consist of simple running text . • It is charged based on the number of linesused in the ad content. • Use colored backgrounds, ticks, screen borders etc. for better visibility.

  6. Types of Ads in The Telegraph 2) Classified Display Ads • Classified display ads in Telegraph are charged on the basis of per square centimeter. • Use different images, logos, fonts to grab the eyeballs of the target readers. • Also you can choose between black and white and color advertisements as the cost may vary for b/w and color.

  7. Types of Ads in The Telegraph 3) Display Ads • Display ads in Hindustan Times are charged on the basis of per square centimeter. • You can use different images, logos, fonts to grab the eyeballs of the target readers. • You can choose between black and white and color advertisements as the cost may vary for b/w and color.

  8. The Telegraph Ad Rates Category-Matrimonial Category-Property

  9. The Telegraph Ad Rates Category-Recruitment Category-Business

  10. The Telegraph Ad Rates Category-Personal Category- Vehicles

  11. The Telegraph Ad Rates Category-Announcement Category-Travel

  12. The Telegraph Ad Rates Category-To Rent Category- Public Notice and Tenders


  14. Why should I book ads in The Telegraph via releaseMyAd? is the largest online ad booking portal that helps advertisers to book classified ads in any Indian Newspapers. Why should you book an ad via us? • Serve over 1 million customers annually • Provide Lowest Rates • 3 Step Simplified Online Ad Booking • PAN India Ad Booking

  15. Ad Booking Process in The Telegraph • Select Ad Type, Newspaper & Location: First you have to select the ad format i.e Classified Text /Classified Display/Display Ad as per your requirement. The choose the newspaper edition and category. You can select a single edition or package based on your budget. • Compose Ad: Compose your Ad with the help of the given sample or you can upload your creative. Use enhancements such as borders, tick marks, colorful backgrounds for higher visibility. • Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date/s and after that preview the booking details.  Once you finalize that proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your ad booking.

  16. The Telegraph Ad Booking Contact Email: Call: 09830629298