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Discover the Mystery behind the MASKs

Discover the Mystery behind the MASKs. -Masks in theatre Jason 9716048. - INTRODUCTION-. -USAGE IN THEATRE-. 1. Religious Ceremony. -USAGE IN THEATRE-. 2. Venetian mask party. -USAGE IN THEATRE-. 3. Noh theatre. -USAGE IN THEATRE-. 4. Acting another creature. - FEATURES-.

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Discover the Mystery behind the MASKs

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  1. Discover the Mystery behind the MASKs -Masks in theatre Jason 9716048


  3. -USAGE IN THEATRE- 1. Religious Ceremony

  4. -USAGE IN THEATRE- 2. Venetian mask party

  5. -USAGE IN THEATRE- 3. Noh theatre

  6. -USAGE IN THEATRE- 4. Acting another creature

  7. -FEATURES- 1. Because most masks cover the face of the actors or actress, audience can’t easily understand the mood of them or actress by observing there head and face. So it is very important to actors and actress to focus on their voice expression and dramatic body language.

  8. -FEATURES- 2. Mask can hide real emotion and conduct a different one to the audience. Let people know that the actor is pretending another feeling. Audience can easily find out the difference.

  9. -FEATURES- 3. Mask can do more exaggerate shape or pattern that make up can’t handle. But the shortage is it has only one expression. 4. One actor with many different MASKs can easily perform many roles in one drama. That make the actor change out fit in a short time and audience can distinguish different roles without problems.

  10. -EXAMPLES- 1. The Good Woman of Setzuan

  11. -EXAMPLES- 2. Romeo & Juliette

  12. -EXAMPLES- 3. The phantom of the Opera


  14. -REFERENCES- 1. The Ethos of NOH actors and their art Eric C. Rath, Harvard University Asia Center, London 2004 , Page.12~28 2. Mask and scence : an introduction to a world view of theatre Metuchen, NJ : The Sacrecrow Press, Inc., c1989. 3. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The phantom of the opera companion London : Pavilion, 2004 4. Migration, Mental Illness and Terry Watada's The Tale of a Mask Johnston, Kirsty. Journal of Canadian Studies, Volume 39, Number 3, Fall 2005 5. Romeo & Juliette DVD (PICTUREs) 6. Wikipedia (the phantom of the opera, Romeo & Juliette, Mask, noh, The Good Woman of Setzuan)

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