teacher access for mpg map assessments n.
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Teacher Access for MPG/MAP Assessments PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher Access for MPG/MAP Assessments

Teacher Access for MPG/MAP Assessments

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Teacher Access for MPG/MAP Assessments

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  1. Teacher Access for MPG/MAP Assessments September 6, 2013

  2. Log onto the website: Usernames are TPS email addresses- the site is CAsEsEnSitIVE, so type your username and password as it was sent to you

  3. Starting a Saved Testing Session Click ‘Manage Test Sessions’

  4. Click ‘Show’ on the ‘Saved Testing Sessions’ portion of the screen.

  5. Type in the TPS employee 5x2 of the creator of the testing sessions under ‘Created By:’. This is usually the Building Test Coordinator at your site

  6. All of the test sessions created by the user will appear. Choose the session by clicking on the circle next to the session name.

  7. Assigning Tests After clicking next to the session name, choose ‘Edit Test’.

  8. Which Test Do I Use? Checkmark the box(es) next to the student(s) needing a test assigned. K-2 will take the tests labeled ‘MAP: ____ Primary Grades’

  9. What About 3rd Grade? 3rdGraders will take 3 assessments all are labeled ‘MAP: ___ 2-5 Common Core’ Reading/Math/Language subjects

  10. After the session has been chosen, you may choose to ‘Save Session’ and come back to it later, OR ‘Test Now’. Remember, the name you save it as will be the username for student log-in during the testing session.

  11. Ready to Start Testing from a Saved Session? Click the circle next to the saved testing session- don’t forget to set the ‘Created By:’ field to search for saved sessions Click ‘Test Now’

  12. Getting Kids Started To log in, students will use the NWEA lockdown icon on the desktop. Enter the Test Session Name and Password.

  13. Teacher’s Role During Testing The Testing Teacher will log into the TPS NWEA website (using their TPS email) and ‘Confirm’ students as they are ready to test.

  14. Additional Help If you did not receive your username and temporary password, please email Erin Lester at