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Class of 2012 NEWSLETTER

Class of 2012 NEWSLETTER

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Class of 2012 NEWSLETTER

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  1. Class of 2012 NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 7 June 26th 2012 Principal: Ms C Ní Chianáin Deputy Principal: Mr H Maune Congratulations to our Sixth Class on their Graduation. As we approach the end of the school year, I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who made this year a great one for our school. In particular, I would like to thank our excellent and dedicated staff members and volunteers, supportive parents and, of course, our pupils. There was a lot of schoolwork undertaken in class, but there was also time for fun too with our school tour, sponsored walk, non-uniform day, drum workshop, Green Day, etc. Although we are sad to see our sixth class leave, we know that they are entering a new chapter in their lives and wish all the pupils well in secondary school. Many of them have written about their best memories in school for this edition of the newsletter. I am looking forward to welcoming the whole school, including our new second class on Thursday, 30th August for the new school year. In the meantime, I wish you all a happy and healthy summer break. Claire Ní Chianáin CALENDAR OF EVENTS Graduation Mass: Wednesday, 27th June at 11.15am Merit Awards: Wednesday, 27th June at 1.15pm School Closes: Friday, 29th June at 12.30pm. School Re-Opens: Thursday, 30th August at 8.50am Congratulations to our winners of the Write-A-Book competition: Carl, Room 3 Devin, Room 3 Nathan, Room 7 Sean W, Room 7 Aidan, Room 6 Liam, Room 6 RETIREMENT At the end of the school year, our Deputy Principal, Mr Maune, will retire after 41 years of teaching in Scoil Colm. On behalf of the pupils, parents, staff and Board of Management of Scoil Colm, we wish Mr Maune a long and happy retirement. Dublin Bus Awards

  2. Page 2 of 6 Graduation Memories Scoil Colm Newsletter My best memories are when I won a medal at sport day in 4th class. But the best of all was my confirmation I had a great time on the 13th March 2012. I would like to thank all the staff at Scoil Colm for all their help and support over the last 5 years Thank you Mr Sheedy, Ms Ní Chianáin, Ms Coady, Mr O’Donnell and Ms Seville. By Craig McMahon. My memories When I went to room 5 and met Ms Ni Chianáin and Ms Fenlonand my Communion and I would like to thank all the staff. By Dylan Locke MY MEMORIES IN SCOIL COLM My favorite memories in Scoil Colm are when I ran in Santry. I represented the school and won a medal. I also have great memories of winning medals on sports day, going on great trips with my class, playing for the school soccer team, Séan O’Toole and I got a cup of tea fromMs. Ní Chianáin. Most importantly my Communion and Confirmation which I will never forget. I would like to thank all the teachers that gave me plaques for good behavior, and all the other great staff in Scoil Colm. I would especially like to thank Ms. Coady, Ms. Seville, Ms. O’Donovan, Ms. Devaney, Ms. Clarke, Ms. Watkins, Mr. Mooney, Ms. Meade, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Forde, Ms. Cullen, Mr. Codd, Mr. Sheedy and Ms. Ní Chianáin. By Ciarán Purtill MY FAVOURITE MEMORIES OF SCOIL COLM My favourite memory of Scoil Colm was when I went to Santry. I was running on my school relay team. The positions were Martin first, Bernard second, me third and Ciaránfourth. We won nothing. My other favourite memory is when I went to the Let’s Go camp in U.C.D. My favourite activity of the day was the hamster ball. I like thank all the teachers and everyone who helped. By James Curry My favourite moment in Scoil Colm is the school trip to the crystal maze. We had a laugh. We were stuck in 1 of the mazes for 5minutes and it was very funny. Me, Martin and Joseph were in a tie in a race in the maze. We were tired of running around but then at the end of the race we got 3 crystals each then we went into the forest to find some crystals. It was deadly so far. The teachers brought us into a castle to look for more crystals after that went in to have our lunch. The teachers put us in groups and we didn’t know what to do so we had to throw basketballs in the nets and we got 2 crystals every time you hit it in the net. Nearly all of us got it in but 1 or 2 of us didn’t. We then did rock climbing. It was very funny when we were doing it. My mate Dylan kept making me laugh and we got more crystals. After all that we went back to the gate and the teachers counted the crystals on each team and our team won. We were delighted that we won. Everyone was jumping around and cheering, we were so glad that we won the maze. I would like to thank all the teachers I had in these school years, especially Ms Coady and Ms Ní Chianáin and Ms Seville for all they have done for me when I was in this school. Abig THANK YOU for all your help. By Leon Maxwell. Scoil Colm memories. My communion, my confirmation, my first confession, representing the School in sports and quiz. My funniest moment was when we made our first confession and Ms Cullen was going into the confession box and Mr Dennehy was in there and he scared her. I would like to thank Mr Sheedy, Ms Ní Chianáin all the SNAs especially Ms Seville, Ms Cullen, Ms Forde, Ms Armstrong, Ms Devaney, Ms Meade and Ms Coady. You’ve all been great. By Martin Byrne

  3. Page 3 of 6 Graduation Memories Scoil Colm Newsletter MY BEST MEMORIES IN SCOIL COLM IN SECOND CLASS I MADE MY COMMUION AND I MADE LOTS OF MONEY AND EVENTUALY I SPENT IT. THEN IN 4TH CLASS WE WENT TO CLARA LARA IT WAS GREAT AND THE YEAR BEFORE WE WENT TO FORT LUCAN. IT WAS GOOD ASWELL BUT CLARA LARA WAS BETTER. BUT ALL THOSE MEMORYS ARE ALL IN MY HEAD AND I STILL REMEMBER WHEN I JOINED THE SCHOOL. THIS YEAR WAS MY BEST YEAR OF ALL BECAUSE I MADE MY CONFIRMATION. THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS AND STAFF FOR ALL THE HELP. THANKS TO MS.COADY /MS.SEVILLE MS.NÍ CHIANÁIN AND MS O’TOOLE . THIS WAS MY BEST YEAR IN SCOIL COLM . BIG THANKS TO MS.O’DONOVAN AND THANKS TO THE REST OF THE. SCHOOL…. AND VERY BIG THANKS TO HELEN AND MR.MOONEY AND THANKS TO CATHRINE AND JUDY…… BY ANTHONY POWER My Favourite Memory I went to UCD activity camp. I got in the hamster ball. It was great. I got in with Sean and James. It was so funny. When it stopped I landed on my head. I got in it again and fell off the seat. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the human football game. You’re tied to a rope and not allowed to move. I scored a goal. We played a game called the Eliminator; a big black ball tries to knock you off your station. Everybody had great fun we all enjoyed it. THAT’S WHY I LOVE SCOIL COLM! I would like to thank all the teachers for helping me to improve my work and every little thing you do to make my day better in school. David Lee Newman My memories of Scoil Colm When I first walked into school I was shy. We went on a tour to Clara Lara on Tuesday. We had our communion on Saturday. We got a class photo on our communion day. Our teacher was Ms Cullen. We went swimming on our tour to Fort Lucan we all went it was fun. Thanks to all the teachers for the 5 years. Have to say good bye.By EoinMcGrath Daniel Scoil Colm memories My favourite memories in Scoil Colm are when I got to help Mr Mooney and joined all the Sports. It was great fun. I’d like to thank all the teachers that taught me throughout the years. The confirmation was fantastic. I especially like to thank Ms Ní Chianáin for letting me have the chance to be in Scoil Colm thank you all. The best teacher I had so far is Ms Seville. By Joseph Curran My Memories I’ve been in Scoil Colm since 2nd class. There are great staff and class mates in the school. My favourite thing since the 5 years is helping staff, Mr Mooney, sports and achieving awards. I played hurling, soccer and Gaelic for the school. I made my confIrmationthis year. It was good fun with my friends in Dundrum and the church. I would like to thanks Ms Coady and Ms Seville. Thanks for the whole staff since I started the school especially Ms Seville, Ms NíChianáin, Ms Coady and Ms O’ Donovan. By Stephen Reynolds MY MEMORIES My favourite memories in school are of trips. My favourite trip was to the Crystal Maze. I like helping Mr Mooney. I was really scared when I came to Scoil Colm but I got to like it so much. I would like to thank Ms Coady for her great help this year with my confirmation and all the great stuff we have done this year. A big thanks to Ms Seville she has been with us all the years and for being my friend. Thank you Scoil Colm. By Troy Dempsey

  4. Page 4 of 6 Graduation Memories Scoil Colm Newsletter The memory. I remember when I started in the school when we sawour new class and yard. We had a little party then when we started our first day of working. I was a messer and the only person who was there for me was Ms Seville. She told me to be good and told me about the red cards and yellow cards. I listened to her and then I copped on. After my summer holidays we moved into 3rd class. I was very good all the time. We went to Clara Lara. I went on the water rope, got ice cream it was fun.3 years after that we made our confirmation. My family was so happy when I read the prayer after that I had a party. I had cake, sweets, a DJ, everything. I had a great time. We went to UCD, our coach was Tommy he is cool helping me on the ladder. He is a funny guy. My favourite was the zorbing. I went in it with Dylan F. After him I went with Leon and it was funny. I had a good day at UCD. We had a mess on the bus when we were going home that’s all. I want to thank Ms Seville, Ms Coady, Mr Mooney, Ms O’ Donovan, Ms NíChianáin, Mr Maune, Helen and Ms O Toole. BY LUKE DALTON. My Year in Scoil Colm From 2011-2012 When I got here in September I didn’t think I would like it here. At Christmas there was a raffle on and I won a prize. In March it was my Confirmation. I got lots of money. For our school tour we went to U.C.D. Let’s Go camp. It was good and I would like to go there again. Soon we are going to go playing golf and I am looking forward to this. We will be having our graduation soon and my Mam and Dad will be coming to see it. I would like to thank Ms O’ Donovan, Ms Coady, Ms Seville, Catherine and Judy, Mr Maune, Ms Murray, Ms Caulfield, Ms Clarke, Ms Timbs, Ms Watkins, Ms Gilheaney, Mr Duffy, Mr O’ Donnell, Mr O’ Riordan, June, Ms O’ Toole and Ms Ní Chianáin. By Conor Gibson My favourite memories of Scoil Colm were a school tour. We all went to Horizon. It was great. We went quad biking, canoeing, rock climbing, and after it we got McDonalds. It was my favourite school tour. I loved fifth class with Miss Meade. She would give us less homework. She was a great teacher and would give us games every week. I’d like to thank Miss Coady, Miss Meade and Miss Devaney and Miss Forde and Miss Seville and everybody that works in the school. Thanks to everybody from Jamie Morgan My favourite memory from Scoil Colm is when we went swimming in Crumlin when we were in 2nd class and we enjoyed it. My memory when I was in 2nd class was when I made my communion with my class mates. My memory when I was in 3rd class was we went to UCD tour and we went on the sponsored walk with all of the classes. Memory from 4th class was we went to watch our school team play in Croke park to cheer them and they won the cup for the school and the school was delighted that they won the cup. My memory of 5th class was when we went to school tours and when I was allowed to play Hurling and GAA. That’s all of my memory thanks to all of the teachers. By Patrick Maughan MY MEMORIES OF SCOIL COLM My favourite memory in Scoil Colm is when we went to Clara Lara In Wicklow. We balanced on Logs over water and then we went on the monkey rope into water. I really loved Clara Lara and would like to go there again. My second favourite memory is when I went to UCD. We went on lots of stuff like wobbly ladder, hamster ball, wall climbing and much more. I would like to go there again. I could not go to the next tour because I had to get my tonsils out but I would like to go there. I could not go to the next tour because I had a really bad fever. But I would like to go there. I went to UCD again and it was still as good as third class. I would like to thank Ms Cullen ,Ms Forde, Ms Armstrong, Ms Devaney, Ms Meade Mr Mooney, Ms Seville and I would like to thank my favourite teacher Ms Coady Sixed Class. Luke Curtis

  5. Page 5 of 6 Graduation Memories Scoil Colm Newsletter My favourite memories in Scoil Colm I would like to thank all the teachers who helped us over the years since we came over. I would like to thank Ms Coady, Ms Clarke, Ms Timbs, Ms Forde, Ms Cullen, Ms Meade and all the staff who work in Scoil Colm. OH and I hope they will never forget us and we will be back over to see you again, make sure you have a cake for us. When you are in 6th class you will get a lot of tours from your teacher and homework off like us and have great fun for the last year you will never forget it , By PATRICK WARD MY FAVOURITE MEMORIES OF SCOIL COLM My favourite memories of Scoil Colm are my confirmation, communion, making new friends, helping staff, helping Mr Mooney, achieving awards, and winning medals from sports day. I also have memories of holding the school flag on the sponsored walk and when Ciarán Purtill and I got a cup of tea made by Ms Ní Chianáin. I would like to say thanks to all the teachers including Ms Coady, Ms Ní Chianáin, Ms O’ Donovan, Ms Murray, Ms Clarke, and a big special thanks to Ms Seville and all the teachers I had over the years. By Seán O’ Toole Room 8 6th class My school memories In second class we had a blast, Ms Cullen was our teacher. We made our First Holy Communion and went to Fort Lucan on our class tour. Third class was fun. I joined the orchestra and now I play percussion and I do a lot of concerts. In fourth class I was out with Mr Mooney for the first time ever I was great. In fifth class I won medals on sports day, sports day is a fun time. I always have fun. In sixth class I met President Michael D Higgins, made my confirmation.I found my new school and we are graduating. I want to say a big thanks to all of the teachers in Scoil Colm especially to Ms Seville, Ms Ní Chianáin and the best, Ms Coady. By Bernard McDonnell My favourite memory of the school was when we went to UCD. It was the best place we went to. We did lots of stuff including K.M.X. and flicker. We played lots of other games like the wobbly ladder, hamster ball and rock climbing. It was the best day of the school tour and my favourite part was when we did the wrecking ball. I loved it so much that I hope we get to do it again. I would like to thank all the teachers bringing us there and I would also like to thank Mr Mooney . I would also like to thank Ms O’ Toole and Ms Ni Chianáin By Dev Karan Pal Singh. My favourite memories My favourite memory from Scoil Colm is our school tours. We were at Horizon in Mullingar and U.C.D. Let’s Go camp. I liked the rock climbing wall and zorbing ball in U.C.D. but my favourite in Horizon was the quads and kayaking. I really enjoyed my time helping Mr Mooney in Scoil Colm. All the teachers in Scoil Colm are very nice and kind teachers and our principal Ms Ní Chianáin is a very nice principal. By Joseph Darcy MY MEMORIES My memories in Scoil Colm are my confirmation but the Ceremony was nearly an hour and a half but it was still a good day. Then a while after our confirmation we went to U.C.D Let’s Go summer camp. There was a giant hamster ball that I went on three times and there was the eliminator. Giant football was fun. I represented my school lots of times but my favourite thing was playing for the school Gaelic and hurling team. It is great. I would like to thank all the teachers I had and especially Ms Coady and Ms NíChianáin. By Gavin Bradshaw. My favourite memories of Scoil Colm are when we went to U.C.D. There were loads of things there -the zorb ball, the eliminator, football, rock climbing and an obstacle course. I can remember my confirmation. It was on a Tuesday in St Agnes’ church.Iwould like to thank all the teachers especially Ms Coady, Ms Seville and Ms O’ Donovan. By Dylan Murray

  6. Page 6 of 6 Graduation Memories Scoil Colm Newsletter MY FAVOURITE MEMORIES Of Scoil Colm My favourite memories of Scoil Colm is about school tours. My favourite school tour was either U.C.D or Crystal Maze. We were all looking forward to our communion and confirmation. The teachers were great for making everyone feel welcome. When Mr O’ Riordan had to leave they gave him a party. The sad thing is I will miss the good friends and teachers so I want to thank all the teachers especially Ms Coady and Mr Mooney, Ms Seville and Ms O’ Donovan. Thank you ScoilColm. By Luke Williams MY FAVOURITE MEMORIES IN SCOIL COLM When I went on the school trip in UCD, we had fun we played lots of fun games. My favourite game was when we played hockey. Thanks to all the teachers who helped us when we doing our confirmation. It was really great. Thanks to all of the teachers in Scoil Colm for all of their help with me. You did a lot for me. Thanks very much. I LOVE SCOIL COLM. By NichollNelson Magagula Good Luck Class of 2012 Thanks to Brendan Murray for compiling our newsletter for the past year. Following on from our Easter Fair earlier in the year the Parents’ Association of ScoilColm would like to thank the following contributors for their kind donations and hope that they will be in a position to assist us in the future. Expert Hardware, Moores Pharmacy, Bradys Newsagent, Musgrave Cash and Carry, Crumlin Print, M & K Meats, Milis Foods, Whole Foods Wholesale, John Mand, Jamestown Market Traders, McDonalds, Applegreen Garage, Easons, Cosgraves, Old county Meats, St Agnes’ Credit Union, Crumlin GAA, Courtney Meats, Bradley’s Chemist, Londis, K.C.R, Tipperary Waters, Excel, Joe & Ellen Popcorn Machine, Cherry Blossom Hair Salon,