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The Right Light

The Right Light

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The Right Light

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  1. The Right Light

    Choosing Energy Efficient Light Bulbs & Alternatives By J.W.Wyche Jr.ACE Mentor GreenTech E&E Academy
  2. One Bulb Changes Everything! Your choice of lighting can change your electricity usage, costs, and emissions. Choosing the right light can save you up to 70 percent on your home (or other building) electricity bill. Let’s check out our options…
  3. Current Types of Bulbs Incandescent Bulbs Traditional round bulbs with a tungsten filament (or wire) that that is heated until the filament glows. 90% of the energy used to produce the visible light that we actually see is wasted as heat, making incandescent bulbs an inefficient way to light your home. Webster’s Dictionary describes the word ‘”Incandescent’”as: “Glowing with Heat.”
  4. Current Types of Bulbs Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL’s) CFL’s are one of the energy saving alternatives to incandescent light bulbs. The electrical components that are used to manufacture these bulbs, create light without producing heat, causing no wasted heat. Energy Star Rated CFL’s can last up to 7 years!
  5. Current Types of Bulbs Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) A Light Emitting Diode (LED) converts electricity into light. Although they have been around since the 1960’s, LED’s are now beginning to appear in homes. LED’s use about 25% less energy than CFL’s and approximately 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED’s can last up to 10 years!
  6. Alternative Light Sources Outdoor Solar Lighting Provides outdoor lighting by storing energy from sunlight through miniature photovoltaic cells and releasing that energy through a LED/Photo sensing lighting system at sundown. Used primarily in the home in patio, pathway, security & corner lighting. Outdoor Solar Lighting offers an inexpensive way to light your outdoor areas through low cost equipment & free energy!
  7. Alternative Light Sources Indoor Solar Lighting Also known as ‘Hybrid’ Solar Lighting. Relatively new, Hybrid Solar Lighting uses a combination of technologies to provide sustainable, clean and free lighting. Light from the sun is captured in a mirrored dish, which concentrates the light into optical light cables. Solar Energy can be stored in Ion-lithium batteries to power the systems on and off switch capabilities.
  8. Alternative Light Sources T-8 Fluorescent Light Commonly known as “shop bulbs”, these bulbs have evolved to provide efficient, in-house spot and accent lighting. Energy efficient & long lasting, these tubular fluorescent lights also comes in many different colors. Where have you seen these bulbs?
  9. Proper Disposal Recycling CFL’s & T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs CFL’s and fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, within the glass tubing. Mercury is a toxic chemical also known as quicksilver. Mercury is not released when the intact bulbs are used,but it is important to properly dispose of fluorescent light bulbs to prevent unnecessary releasing of mercury into the atmosphere (wind, water, soil). CA Law requires that CFL’s are disposed of and recycled properly; they cant be thrown in the regular trash!
  10. Proper Disposal CFL Recycling Locations Many hardware/home improvement stores now accept old CFL’s and T-8 bulbs for recycling. These stores include all: ACE Hardware Stores IKEA Retail Stores Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) Home Depot Stores