presented by billy goodwin for interested and practicing physical therapists and their businesses n.
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Wellness Programs for Physical Therapy Facilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Wellness Programs for Physical Therapy Facilities

Wellness Programs for Physical Therapy Facilities

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Wellness Programs for Physical Therapy Facilities

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  1. Presented by Billy Goodwin For Interested and Practicing Physical Therapists and their Businesses Wellness Programs for Physical Therapy Facilities

  2. Who benefits from Physical Therapy? • Important for the elderly • Aids post-injury rehabilitation For Physical Therapy

  3. Why host a Wellness Program? • Help clientele that are 65+ • Establish a good relationship with clients • Can boost reputation of facility • Can aid the community Rationale for Creating a Wellness Program

  4. For use at Physical Therapy facilities • Could involve previous patients • Instills better lifestyle habits • Helps clients strength train Goals for Establishing a Wellness Program

  5. Tools that could potentially be used: • WebPT • Cybex Machine w/ Plates • Versa Discs • Weighted Balls • UBE Machine How To Create a Wellness Program

  6. Software program for PTs Helps document progress More efficient than regular pen-and-paper Helps PTs track a client’s gains Web PT

  7. Description: Online program for use by Physical Therapists Purpose: Aid clients by recording data Cost: $49/month Where to Buy: Web pt

  8. Strength training equipment Multi-purpose tool for different activities Bench press, squats, calf raises, etc. CYBex Machine w/ Plates

  9. Description: Machine uses barbell with safety and support Purpose: Strength training, including legs, chest, shoulders, etc. Cost: $999.99 (plates dependent on weight) Where to Buy: Cybex Machine w/ Plates

  10. Improve balance Enhance coordination Good for dexterity Versa Discs

  11. Description: Two discs, made of inflatable rubber and plastic material Purpose: Improve balance, coordination, and improve leg and ankle stability Cost: $22.95 Where to Buy: Versa Discs

  12. Good for ball tosses To be used in different exercises, with the Versa Discs Improves proprioception and motor coordination Weighted Balls

  13. Description: Rubber balls, loaded with extra weight, filled with air Purpose: Improve functionality, allows client to work dynamically Cost: $15.77 Where to Buy: Weighted Balls

  14. Trains upper body Useable by any person, regardless of age Resistance changes can strengthen shoulders UBE Machine

  15. Description: Has the physical appearance of a bicycle, is essentially a bicycle for the arms. Purpose: Useful Upper Body ergometer, is sensitive to those with previous upper body impairments. Cost: $3,558.00 Where to Buy: UBE Machine

  16. Helps establish a solid reputation Enhances the Physical Therapy facility Offers different program for patients Good follow-up program for discharged patients Helps prevent further injuries So Why Invest in A Wellness Program?