what is left when honor is lost n.
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What is left when honor is lost? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is left when honor is lost?

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What is left when honor is lost?

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What is left when honor is lost?

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  1. What is left when honor is lost?

  2. If one does nothing to cause the arching of eyebrows,He will have no one to spit in his face

  3. Los Angeles, Calif. (USA) -- Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thera, a great patriot of Sri Lanka … who fought fearlessly for the lost rights of his people died … in St. Petersburg , Russia, in the early hours of today.

  4. The Venerable Soma, a forceful campaigner against the activities of the Christian Fundamentalists in Sri Lanka was encouraged to travel to Russia by a Fundamentalist Sri Lanka born Christian priest, Rev. Shanthi Pushpakumara Jayasekera, for the award of a PhD degree and a Professorship for a book the dead monk wrote on "Buddhist Stupa".

  5. The degree and title was to be awarded by a relatively unknown institution called The International University of Fundamental Studies. The book was in Sinhalese language and there was no Board or Senate that knew that language to consider that book for a degree.

  6. Just after the alleged award of the degree the Venerable monk died in St. Petersburg allegedly without adequate medical support despite assurances and the generous offer of Moscow Buddhists to bring him over to Moscow from St. Petersburg to the care of better medical experts and hospitals

  7. They also allegedly handed over more than five thousand dollars to Rev. Jayasekera to help the Venerable Soma. It was also alleged a large sum of money sent from Sri Lanka for the monks medical expenses were also returned unused.

  8. This so called Prof Shanthi Jayasekera’s real name is Jayasekera Mudiyanselage Shantha Pushpakumara. He was born in Ambagasdowe, Welimada. He made his first trip to Russia in 1986 on a scholarship awarded by Soviet Union. He obtained his masters and doctorate from Bronch Brevich University in Leningrad (now known as St Petersburg). Jayasekera said he had five PhD level degrees to his credit

  9. At least one degree , a Juris Doctor degree was offered by a fundamentalist Christian institution in Pasadena, California. It offered degrees by postal tuition. Repeated requests to explain from which universities he received the other 3 degrees were ignored.

  10. He married a girl called Victoria who was connected to a Chechnese mafia group active in Leningrad. This mafia group was highly connected with the upper class of the society including the mayor of the city, members of Duma (parliament), KGB (Soviet intelligence service), military, business community and scientists. He was well known as Pushpakumara among Sri Lankans

  11. Jayasekera's brother, who allegedly worked for Aratuwa , a publication owned by Lalith Kotalawela, later joined Janavijaya foundation's newspaper and was very close to the dead monk during his last days.

  12. In the aftermath of the tragic loss of Soma Thera a good many Sri Lankan’s turned in anger against Lalith Kotalawela because of the perceived connection to Jayasekera’s brother and his anti Buddhist stance.Anonymous banner’s blaming him for the venerable monk’s death were displayed at many locations. Though, no one could produce any substantive evidence.

  13. Kotalawela's has categorically denied any connection to Soma Thero’s death.

  14. So long as the evil deed does not ripen, the fool considers that it is like honey. But when it does ripen, the fool falls into misery So long as the evil deed does not ripen, the fool considers that it is like honey. But when it does ripen, the fool falls into misery

  15. The issue quickly shifted to his perceived hatred of all things Buddhist, as well as his evangelical activities in promoting conversions among the poor.

  16. The wisdom does not attain fullness of him whose mind is not steady, who does not understand the good law and whose tranquility is superficial