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Ferrero Rocher IMC Plan Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Ferrero Rocher IMC Plan Proposal

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Ferrero Rocher IMC Plan Proposal
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Ferrero Rocher IMC Plan Proposal

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  2. SWOT ANALYSIS Ferrero’s Strengths: Established product that has a semi-loyal base Ferrero’s chocolate product in gold and brown foil, that as a symbol it is easily recognisable Ferrero does not have variety, this is a strong aspect that it can promote, it does not have to alter its formula Ferrero Rocher is a high quality, premium chocolate used for parties and special occasions

  3. SWOT ANALYSIS Ferrero’s Weaknesses: The brand status is decaying Its current campaigns have been poorly executed Ferrero’s position in the market is declining

  4. SWOT ANALYSIS Ferrero’s Opportunities: While other brands position themselves as high quality and class, the Australian chocolate market is not flooded with these types of products No brand is a supremely high–quality, premium brand and this leaves the position up for grabs Many people are not brand-loyal for any chocolate, meaning there is a real opportunity to become an audience’s favourite.

  5. SWOT ANALYSIS Ferrero’s Threats: The chocolate market in Australia in general is a very mature market and very competitive Many competitors in the high quality, premium chocolate market The chocolate industry in general is a threat no matter how a product is positioned. Chocolate is a low involvement purchase for many, which means that the consumer will not often be thinking too heavily about status

  6. TARGET AUDIENCE Generation Y – males and females 18-25 years of age Young professional couples Middle upper class High disposable incomes Semi regular and special occasion purchase Sociable often attending parties and gatherings

  7. POSITIONING Trigger Ferrero Rocher as a statussymbol Ferrero Rocher is aiming to be seen as ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ High class product Premium quality chocolate Perfect for gifts, holidays and special occasions

  8. MARKETING OBJECTIVES Two marketing objectives: Ferrero Rocher aims to gain a 1% increase in market share in Australia from January 2012 to January 2013 Increase Ferrero Rocher sales by 10% in Australia from January 2012 to January 2013

  9. COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES Two communication objectives: Create and reinforce brand awareness amongst 90% of the Australian target audience within the 12 month period Increase positive attitudes of the target market by 50% in the 12 month period

  10. CREATIVE STRATEGY – ADVERTISEMENT IDEA Executional tactic: Dramatisation Neil Patrick Harris walking into a fairly causal but overall boring party He will place of box of Ferrero Rocher onto the gift table Gold wave spreads from the box, turning everything it touches into a high status equivalent Everyone in the room will then be wearing a suit or an evening gown Then a the phrase will appear on the screen – “Ferrero Rocher…makes your party suit up.”

  11. CREATIVE STRATEGY Strategies at work Brand image strategy Ferrero can rebuild its image as a status symbol Primary celebrity, Neil Patrick Harris will be pretested with a small section of the target audience. Other celebrities will also be pretested. For example Ed Westwick Ad will portray Ferrero Rocher as a chocolate that has affective qualities Neil Patrick Harris

  12. THE APPEAL Emotional appeal Product category centered on sensory gratification Ferrero will own emotion in order to dominate market share Tied in with and suggests status and class Ferrero Rocher lifts the consumer’s emotion from a neutral state to a positive state

  13. BRAND FEATURES Brand features allude to a presence of status and class Gold foil wrapping Unique taste, makeup and look Excellence style and expertise

  14. MEDIA OBJECTIVES Reach Ferrero aims for the campaign to hit 80% of the target audience across Australia in the 12 month period Frequency Reach 80% of the target audience through the use of media vehicles at least 3 times in a fortnight Continuity Pulsing method of media scheduling Continuous advertising is maintained throughout the year but at certain holiday seasons and special occasions promotional advertising efforts will be stepped up

  15. THE MEDIA MIX Primary media is television Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, GO!, Channel 11 Advertise in time slots and shows related to the target audience Shows where Ferrero can advertise include Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Band Theory, Glee, Modern Family, Master Chef, Celebrity Apprentice and more

  16. THE MEDIA MIX Secondary media are magazines and billboards Advertise in MX magazine, Cosmopolitan, New Idea, Women’s Weekly Billboards placed in capital city districts, smaller billboards and posters advertised at train and bus stations as well as on trains and buses

  17. MEDIA PLAN BUDGET The following Media Tables will show the amount spent weekly, and therefore yearly on advertising Ferrero Rocher product.

  18. MEDIA PLAN BUDGET – YEARLY BUDGET Yearly Budget :$9,447,048

  19. MEDIA PLAN BUDGET Overall: $181, 674 weekly Overall Yearly (52 weeks) = $9, 447, 048 *Note Magazines cost included in Sydney budget even though there is the same magazine cost/issue in each state.


  21. EVALUATION AND CONTROL What is to be measured? Market share statistics to examine the success of the Ferrero brand Examine the public’s perception of the brand When is it to be measured? The results will be measured at various points during the year

  22. EVALUATION AND CONTROL How is it going to be measured? Tracking sales of Ferrero Rocher during campaign period Focus groups and surveys to measure how the brand appears in user’s minds Who is responsible? For market share tracking, company analysis are responsible For tracking brand awareness, the research arm of Ferrero Rocher are responsible