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Summer Detox

Summer Detox

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Summer Detox

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  1. Summer Detox Plant Power for Restoring Health Better Metabolism, Clarity, and Energy Jennifer K. Reilly, RD

  2. Why Am I Toxic? • Our modern world is full of toxins: • Air: pollutants, cigarette smoke • Food: additives, colors, preservatives, packaging • Water: chemicals, metals • Our livers filter out toxins, but can’t keep up with modern exposure and extra toxins produced from stress • Toxins are stored in fat cells • Too many toxins can lead to a slow metabolism, poor immune system, acne, low energy, food cravings, and even cellulite • A Detox Diet includes nutrients which help neutralize toxins, mobilize toxins (chlorophyll and antioxidants), and it limits the consumption of toxins

  3. Why Detox? • Improved digestion • Better skin • Increased energy • Diminished cravings for sugar, salt, and fatty foods • Increased ability to concentrate • Better, more restful sleep • Better bowel movements • Speedier metabolism

  4. Summer is Full of Detox Foods • Fruits, especially: • Blueberries, Cranberries • Apples • Lemons • Veggies, especially: • Dark greens (red cabbage, beets…) • Raw nuts and seeds, especially almonds • Beans, lentils, whole grains

  5. Top 13 Detox FoodsALMONDS • Detox essential. Almond milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk during a detox • Great source of: • Fiber • Calcium • Magnesium • Useable vegetable protein • Vitamin E • Removes impurities from the bowels

  6. Top 13 Detox FoodsAPPLES • High in Insoluble Fiber for healthy bowel movements • High in Soluble Fiber which soaks up toxins & waste in intestines • Low Glycemic Index: • Sugars metabolize slowly to prevent blood sugar spike • Glucaric Acid: helps body get rid of estrogen-like chemicals & heavy metals

  7. Top 13 Detox FoodsAVOCADO • Rich source of healthy monounsaturated fat,which doesn’t disturb the balance of Omega 3s to Omega 6s • Fat is essential during a detox • Promotes the release of bile from the gallbladder, which allows for the release of toxins from the body • High in Vitamin E and Potassium • Contains Glutathione • Blocks 30 different carcinogens • Helps liver detoxify synthetic chemicals • Adds creaminess to a detox diet when milk and cream aren’t being eaten

  8. Top 13 Detox FoodsBEETS • Contains Isothiocyanateswhicheliminate carcinogens from body • Cleanses digestive tract, soothes stomach • Neutralizes compounds found in 2nd hand cigarette smoke • High in Vitamin K and Vitamin C • Eat raw in juices, salads, or smoothies since heat destroys the enzyme which activates Isothiocyanates • Try fermented (rich in probiotics) sauerkraut and kim chi, which aid in healthy digestion

  9. Top 13 Detox FoodsBLUEBERRIES • Rich in Vitamin C and Fiber • Best ranked for Antioxidant capacity • Contain Anthocyanins • Protect from free radical damage • Enhance Glutathione production • Contain natural aspirin • Lessens tissue-damaging effects of chronic inflammation • Pain reducer • Act as antibiotics: block bacteria in urinary tract • Antiviral

  10. Top 13 Detox FoodsCABBAGE • Contains Isothiocyanateswhicheliminate carcinogens from body • Cleanses digestive tract, soothes stomach • Neutralizes compounds found in 2nd hand cigarette smoke • High in Vitamin K and Vitamin C • Eat raw in juices, salads, or smoothies since heat destroys the enzyme which activates Isothiocyanates • Try fermented cabbage (rich in probiotics): sauerkraut and kim chi, which aid in healthy digestion

  11. Top 13 Detox FoodsGARLIC • Contains Allicin, a sulfur-containing compound that fights harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites, viruses, and yeast in the intestines • Garlic must be crushed or chopped to activate Allicin • Increases production of Glutathione needed for elimination of certain toxins • Cleanses arterial buildup • Lowers blood pressure • Cleanses mucous buildup in lungs and sinuses • Garlic powder has no benefit

  12. Top 13 Detox FoodsGINGER • Natural anti-inflammatory • Eases nausea and improves digestion • Promotes detoxification by speeding themovement of food through the intestines • Add to juices, soups, stir-fries

  13. Top 13 Detox FoodsKALE • Contains powerful anti-cancer and antioxidantcompounds which cleanse body of harmful substances • Contains over 45 identifiable flavonoids which help reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress • High in fiber to cleanse digestive tract • Like cabbage (they’re in the same vegetable family), it neutralizes compounds found in 2nd hand cigarette smoke • Contains a compound that jumpstarts the liver’s production of cleansing enzymes • High in Calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese

  14. Top 13 Detox FoodsLEMONS • Super liver detoxifiers • Super high in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant and precursor to Glutathione (which helps to eliminate environmental chemicals from body) • Alkalinizing: Lemons help restore the alkaline-acid balance of the body (body pH) • Add ¼ lemon to a glass of water in the AM • alkalizes the body and aids digestion

  15. Top 13 Detox FoodsPARSLEY • Rich source of Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin K, and Folate(all necessary detoxifiers) • Raises Glutathione levels to help block carcinogens and detoxify chemicals • Volatile oil: Eugenol • strong Anti-inflammatory agent • Strong Anti-arthritic • Rich in B vitamins for heart health

  16. Top 13 Detox FoodsSEAWEED • Binds to radioactive waste (from medical tests and food grown in contaminated soil), so waste can be removed • Can bind to heavy metals so they can be eliminated • Rich source of Iodine which is essential for thyroid hormone production and metabolism • Dulse, Kelp, Nori, Wakame, Agar • Eat roasted seaweed, veggie sushi rolls, add to smoothies, or enjoy as seaweed salad

  17. Top 13 Detox FoodsWHEATGRASS • Potent detoxifier • Rich in chlorophyll (richest edible source), amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes • High in Oxygen which helps brain and body function at optimal level • Chlorophyll • Rebuilds bloodstream • Nourishes tissues • Purifies the liver • Add wheatgrass juice to juices or smoothies, buy as frozen cubes, or as a powder

  18. DETOX DIET GUIDELINES • Follow a Detox Diet 1 day weekly, 3 days every other week, or 7 days per month • Start day with large glass of filtered water with lemon • Consume only liquids (green juices, non-dairy smoothies, herbal tea, filtered water) and raw fruits and veggies until 12:00 every day • Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, preferably organic. 80% of the detox diet should be raw foods • Eat some raw nuts and seeds (about ½ cup each day) and cooked whole grains (about 2 cups total ) spread throughout the afternooon

  19. DETOX DIET GUIDELINES 6. Include a daily multivitamin to ensure adequate vitamin B12 and vitamin D intake 7. Avoid all dairy products, meats, fish, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine 8. Add more green juices, raw foods, and larger servings of grains and nuts as needed for more energy 9. Substitute different nuts, seeds, or legumes for allergenic foods • Include as many of the Top 13 Detox Foods as possible: Apples, Almonds, Avocado, Beets, Blueberries, Cabbage, Garlic, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Parsley, Wheatgrass, Seaweed

  20. Green Juice3 veggies: 1 fruit In a juicer: 5 organic kale leaves (dinosaur or lacinato kale) 1 large cucumber (peeled if it's not organic), or 1 small head organic celery 1 organic green apple (cored, unpeeled) 1 lemon, peeled 1 bunch parsley Makes about 10 ounces. Serve over ice. Store in a glass jar, filled to the top and sealed for up to 24 hours.

  21. Hearty Arugula SaladServes 1 2 cups organic arugula 2 Tbsp raw sunflower seeds ½ block sesame-oil sautéed tempeh, or ½ cup cooked garbanzo beans 2 tsp olive oil 2 tsp rice vinegar or red wine vinegar 1/4 tsp sea salt Toss and eat Per serving: 375 calories, 24 g total fat, 3 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 124 mg sodium, 20 g carbohydrates, 11 g fiber, 2 g sugar, 24 g protein, 19% vitamin A, 10% vitamin C, 15% calcium, 18% iron

  22. Questions? Juice Recipes Smoothie Recipes Plant-Powered Meals 7-Day Detox