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Kwale County Investment Forum PowerPoint Presentation
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Kwale County Investment Forum

Kwale County Investment Forum

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Kwale County Investment Forum

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  1. Kwale County Investment Forum Potential Water and Sewerage Investments in Kwale County Presentation by HemedMwabudzo: CEC Member Water Services, Urban Planning and Decentralized Units

  2. River Basins

  3. Mwache River Dam Project • Dam Construction along Mwache river – Feasibility for a concrete gravity dam with a total reservoir capacity of 135 million m3 was undertaken and the World Bank intends to finance the project • Proposed Financing from the World Bank does not include construction of Water Treatment Plant and distribution lines to Mombasa and Kwale. • The project feasibility proposes and 2,000 – 3,000 ha irrigation project which is open to investors

  4. Pemba Dam Rehabilitation Project • Initial Pemba dam and treatment works was established in 1980 and ceased operations in 1983, • The project stopped operations due to siltation and failure of pressure filters. • A new dam and 6,000 cm3/day treatment works have been proposed and feasibility undertaken, • The project targets to supply water to Kinango town and neighboring areas

  5. Dam Construction along River Umba • A concept note has been developed for this project by the Coast Development Authority • The upper section of the river above Makwenyeni village is the proposed dam site, • The dam is targeted to supply domestic water to Lungalunga border town and other areas in Vanga ward • It can also support expansion of irrigation projects along Umba river basin from 600 – 6,000 Ha

  6. Development of underground Water • Two underground catchments have potential for commercial exploitation: • i)Tiwi Catchment: The aquifer has a width of 20 km with good quality water. It has a through flow of 42,000m3/day. Of the total capacity, only 20,000m3/day is obstructed through shallow boreholes and the Pipelines serving Ukunda and Likoni in Mombasa ii) Msambweni Catchment: this covers about 42 km2 with a through flow of 27,440m3/day. Currently 17,800m3/day is obstructed through over 251 shallow boreholes. • The two aquifer can be developed further to expand domestic water supply for expanded residential and commercial housing in Kombani, Diani/Ukunda and Msambweni

  7. Other Water Development Opportunities • Medium size dams along upper sections of Ramisi, Pemba and Mwache rivers in the ASAL areas to provide water for domestic use, small scale irrigation and ranching activities • Development of large water storage tanks along existing pipelines serving Kwale, Kinango and Diani/Ukunda towns

  8. Sanitation Investments in Kwale • As the main urban centres, Diani/Ukunda and Kwale towns lack proper sewerage systems and depend on septic tanks and pit latrines, • The County Government will design a sewerage system for DianiUkunda in Financial year 2014/15. • The town has population of over 85,000 people, • Once design is complete partners will be invited to partner in developing the sewerage system • Kwale town equally requires a central sewerage system