how id card holders can be used for promoting n.
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How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company PowerPoint Presentation
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How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company

How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company

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How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company

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  1. How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company ID cards are an important part of your business for several reasons. The added security is the reason most companies implement ID cards. But forget about ID cards as purely a security measure for a moment. Here at, we produce ID cardholders that can be used for promoting your business as well. But how can ID cards be used to promote a company? Did you Know an ID Card Holder Gives You Colour and Style? ID card holders can be created in a company's colours, which is all part of branding.

  2. At the same time, ID cardholders demonstrate that a company is professional in the way it goes about its business. Even the smallest touches can make a world of difference. Add a Logo to the Back Anyone who has ever used an ID card knows that it constantly spins and turns around. Instead of continuously turning around your ID card the right way, let it swing. On the front is your staff member's information, and on the back, you could have the company logo. It is such a simple thing, but you never know when the right person might be looking at your staff. And if they see that logo, it could pique their interest. Why Giving ID Card Holders to Guests is a Marketing Opportunity Think trade show, and it automatically calls to mind businesses dishing out all sorts of goodies. Stand out from your competitors by giving out your ID card holders to guests. ID card holders are not only a functional item, but as discussed above, they are also very much promotional because of the logo and brand colours. You could do the same whenever you have a visitor to your offices. Along with a guest ID card for security reasons, let them have your branded card holder as well, which they could then keep when leaving. Your company logo will be on view long after they have left your premises. How Do You Do It?

  3. It all starts with thinking about which colour is going to work best for your company. Usually, you should stick to your main company colour so it fits in with the rest of your brand. You should also consider how your logo is going to look on this colour. You do not want the colours to be too similar. Your logo should stand out at a distance. Are Promotional ID Card Holders Expensive? The great thing about promotional ID card holders are that they are not expensive at all; especially when purchased in bulk. This is something we specialise in here at Just let us have your design and any other pertinent details. Implement them within your company and get that edge. Contact us today and see what we can do for you! Contact us today for more information. Call us on +44 (0)1355 813301 The Original article Published at Ribbon Works Blog - Your-Company.cfm