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Multi-Functional Printed Lanyards PowerPoint Presentation
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Multi-Functional Printed Lanyards

Multi-Functional Printed Lanyards

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Multi-Functional Printed Lanyards

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  1. Multi-Functional Printed Lanyards Lanyards are one of the UK's most popular promotional items, and not just because they are handy to use when combined with company ID cards. While many of us imagine lanyards as mainly being a popular accessory for conference staff to wear, these nifty neck straps have a multitude of uses that may make you wonder how you ever lived without one! Next time you decide to offer promotional gifts to new or existing customers, be sure to extol the virtues of printed lanyards; soon you could find your business name being worn around the necks of many grateful customers. For a marketing product that works tirelessly for any size of business, printed lanyards provide a simple yet effective way to promote a business name.

  2. Some of the many ways that printed lanyards can be used by grateful recipients include the following ideas: Use lanyards as a promotional tool in schools and colleges. After all, the youth of today could be customers of the future and what better way to ensure loyalty than handing out free and useful gifts? The use of printed lanyards in educational establishments will make sure that student ID cards are easily accessible, especially when going on field trips, science fairs and the many extracurricular activities that are available to students. Using lanyards and simple ID cards is becoming popular at large weddings and other celebratory events where people may not know many of the attendees. This provides an excellent way to break the ice and get guests socialising and chatting. Handing out custom printed lanyards with the bride and groom's names and wedding date makes a wonderful wedding favour too! Lanyards are fitted with useful clips, making them ideal for carrying items to allow the wearer to perform activities with both hands. This opens up all sorts of opportunities to promote a business by targeting specific groups of people who will find a lanyard useful. Examples include sports people who require the use of water bottle lanyards when training or competing and outdoor workers in remote areas who need to rehydrate frequently. Horse riders will also find lanyards become an essential piece of equipment to hold printed cards with emergency details should they be involved in an accident when riding far from home. Lanyards are also ideal for using in the workplace, for carrying ID cards in an environment where it is important to be easily identified, and also for carrying objects that are essential for use in the work environment. For example, waiting staff will keep track of order books and pens if they are hanging from a lanyard; professional handymen can hang small tools and torches from them, leaving both hands free to perform essential jobs; and farmers have somewhere safe to hang tractor keys, wire cutters, hoof knives and the myriad of small items that are essential in the agricultural world.

  3. Skiers and snowboarders also find that lanyards are invaluable for holding ski lift passes, proving more comfortable to wear than metal accessories that may rust over time. Lanyards are suitable for everyday use and not just for sporting or work- related activities. Many people find lanyards invaluable for holding house or car keys, pens and pencils, and other items that are regularly required but often mysteriously vanish just when they are needed. Printed lanyards also provide the perfect solution for regular mobile phone users, holding the phone in an easily accessible place. How many times have you missed an important phone call because your phone has been buried in a pocket or bag and by the time you found it, the caller had hung up? Never miss a phone call again by hanging your mobile phone from your lanyard. Travelling groups of people such as sports teams and school bands will find that the group leader's job is made so much easier when group members are wearing ID cards and also easily identified printed lanyards. Using a bold coloured lanyard will ensure that members can be spotted in a crowd and will avoid situations where someone gets lost. Original Source: Lanyards.cfm