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Church Organization-2 Acts 20:17-28 PowerPoint Presentation
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Church Organization-2 Acts 20:17-28

Church Organization-2 Acts 20:17-28

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Church Organization-2 Acts 20:17-28

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  1. Church Organization-2Acts 20:17-28

  2. Introduction-1 • God gave Moses a pattern for the tabernacle where His people worshipped Him under the Law of Moses • He told Moses to make all things according to that pattern- Heb. 8:5 • Moses did all that the LORD commanded him- Ex. 39:43 • That tabernacle served as a copy or shadow of God’s true tabernacle which is His church- Eph. 2:20-21

  3. Introduction-2 • The New Testament contains the Lord’s pattern for His church including its organization • It is just as important to follow the Lord’s pattern for organization as it is for the worship of the church • His pattern includes men who are to serve as leaders in the local congregations • In this lesson, I want to study the names given to these men, their number, and their authority

  4. Names of Leaders of the Local Church-1 • There are three names given to the leaders of the local church • All three of these are applied to the same men in Acts 20 • The elders of the church at Ephesus- V17 • Paul and Barnabas appointed elders in all the churches which they established in Asia Minor- Acts 14:23 • Timothy received a spiritual gift by the laying on of the hands of the eldership(KJV-presbytery)- I Tim. 4:14 • This is the name with which we are most familiar • The Greek word (presbuteros) means one who is older

  5. Names of Leaders of the Local Church-2 • Not all men who are older • No specific age or age range is given • The men who serve as elders must be mature christians with experience and sound judgment • They must have a family with believing children and have developed the other qualifications found in I Tim. 3 and Titus 1 • Men who possess all the qualifications and are willing to serve should be appointed to serve as elders regardless of their age

  6. Names of Leaders of the Local Church-3 • They are also called bishops- Phil. 1:1 & I Tim. 3:1 • A term that has been perverted by various religious groups • The Greek word (episkopos) means an overseer or superintendent • Paul said the Holy Spirit had made the Ephesian elders overseers over the flock among them- V28 • This name suggests that their work is to oversee and direct the work of the local church

  7. Names of Leaders of the Local Church-4 • They are also called pastors • This name is found only once in the New Testament (NKJV)- Eph. 4:11 • It is in the plural and is not generally applied to evangelists • The Greek word (poimen) means a shepherd • Paul told the Ephesian elders to shepherd the church of God • That includes leading, feeding and defending the local church • They are to do their work humbly and unselfishly providing a good example to the members of the church- I Pet. 5:1-4

  8. The Number of Elders • The three names for church leaders are always given in the plural • Paul and Barnabas appointed elders in every church not an elder in every church- Acts 14:23 • This shows that a scripturally organized church cannot have just one elder (bishop or pastor) • The actual number will vary from one congregation to another • All who are qualified and willing should serve as elders

  9. The Authority of Elders-1 • There are two extreme views on this subject 1. The elders are just examples and have no real authority 2. The elders have the complete authority in the church, and the members must follow all of their decisions • Both of the views are contrary to the scriptures • Elders have authority to rule and direct the affairs of the local church • Members are to respect and obey the elders- Heb. 13:17

  10. The Authority of the Elders-2 • To rebel against their rightful authority is to rebel against Christ • The elders serve under the Chief Shepherd- I Pet. 5:4 • Their authority comes from Him and is limited by His word • They have no right to make any decision that goes beyond or is contrary to the teaching of Christ- II Jn. 9 • They have no authority to add new unscriptural works for the church

  11. The Authority of the Elders-3 • Their authority is in matters where the New testament provides general authority without providing specific details • They have authority in matters of judgment and opinion • Those who sin are to be rebuked publicly- I Tim. 5:19-20 • Members who follow the unscriptural leading of elders will be responsible for following their errors • The authority of elders is limited to the church of which they are members- I Pet. 5:2

  12. Conclusion • Organization and leadership are necessary to the effective and efficient functioning of any group • Christ has provided in the New Testament a pattern of organization and leadership for His church • Every member of the church should desire and work toward having the organization and leadership that Christ wants His church to have • Are you a member of Christ’s church this afternoon?