justice and grace n.
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Justice and Grace PowerPoint Presentation
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Justice and Grace

Justice and Grace

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Justice and Grace

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  1. Data Informed and Value Driven Justice and Grace Gabriel A. Trujillo, Principal, Byrd Middle School, Recognized Campus 2008-2009 TASSP State Principal of the Year 2008-2009 TEPSA Mid- Level Principal of the Year 2009-2010 NASSP National Principal of the Year Finalist 2009-2010 NAEP National Distinguished Principal -Opening Clip-

  2. Data Informed Technically Define Justice Legal Dictionary Main Entry: jus·ticePronunciation: 'j&s-t&sFunction: nounEtymology: Old French, from Latin justitia, from justus just1 a: the quality of being just, impartial, or fair justice or injustice…of these laws —Scott v. Sanford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)> b: the principle or ideal of just dealing; also: conformity to the principle or ideal of just dealing -Judy Clip-

  3. Value Driven Technically Define Grace Legal Dictionary Main Entry: graceFunction: noun1: a special favor :PRIVILEGEgrace and not of right —The Mentally Disabled and the Law>2 a: a temporary exemption b: the prerogative of mercy exercised (as by a chief executive) or granted in the form of equitable relief -Ticket Clip-

  4. Value Data Consistency

  5. Instruction Continues!? Lost Instructional Time brakes the teacher’s back

  6. Student Administrative Expectation Staff and Students will be provided during starting school registration Students willbe providedduring in-year registration Students will be providedduring daily arrivals to school Students will be providedduring beginning school orientation Students will be providedduring Mid-Year school orientation Students will be providedduring individual processing Students will be providedduring daily ISS assignment Code of Conduct is Operating Manual

  7. PRIDE Our Approach to a School-Wide Positive Behavior System. Byrd Middle School – Duncanville ISD 2010-2011

  8. PBIS Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies

  9. Our Population * 5-7% Rebellious 10-15% Retreatism/ Ritual Compliance 80-85% Strategic Compliance/ Engaged

  10. Looking at data… sometimes for the first time

  11. 2008-2009 AEIS Data Students – 705 Eco. Dis. – 60% At Risk – 40% Gifted/Talented – 10% Special Education –11% Mobility – 16% Ethnicity 2.1% Asian/Pac. Islander 41.3% African American 0.3% Native American 42% Hispanic 14.3% White , Seventh and Eighth Grades Personnel Teachers: 45 Paraprofessional Staff: 5 Counselor: 2 Administrators: 3

  12. But who wrote those referrals?

  13. It’s about time… 1784 referrals. What if each student ONLY missed 20 minutes when a referral was written and processed? We lost over 595 instructional HOURS. We lost over 74 instructional DAYS. Over 15 instructional WEEKS were lost. That does not even take into account time spent in the office waiting to be seen, detentions, ISS or out-of-school suspension.

  14. So...What can we expect this next year?

  15. What can we expect? A change in office referrals that reflects a decrease in serious misbehaviors A process that allows a campus to work more effectively together A written curriculum of responsibility to include clear and specific behavioral expectations for all common areas An increase in staff satisfaction An increase in staff retention

  16. What can we expect? Increased capacity of staff as trainers and/or teacher leaders Demonstration classrooms that reflect best practices to engage all students Increased strategies, tools, skills, and processes for handling individual students with severe and/or chronic misbehaviors or complex needs An increase in attendance An improved academic performance

  17. Observations Observations were conducted within our common areas: Hallways Cafeteria Gym Sidewalks/Buses

  18. Previous YearObservations Idea of “supervision” was not the same. Expectations for staff and students were not consistent. Safety issues needed to be addressed. Interactions between staff members and students were NOT always positive. Areas of school were not being monitored (No Pride Position assignment in place; position not covered)

  19. Ongoing Observations Surveys Staff & Students A majority of students (>50%) feel that students don’t treat each other politely, fairly, in a friendly way, in a helpful way, with kindness, or with respect. Approximately 75% said they understand the school rules.

  20. Ongoing Observations For the most part, teachers feel that they are supported by administration, there is good communication, and they are comfortable communicating with administrators. Teachers felt areas that need improvement are: instruction (rules, social skills, communication skills), safety (RR, halls), and consistency across the campus.

  21. SchoolwideGuidelines for Success Preparation Respect Integrity Determination Excellence It takes PRIDE to be successful!


  23. The Art of Supervision

  24. The Art of Supervision Supervision is action! Supervision is the alert, proactive ability of a truly professional teacher to circulate within a group of students, interacting in a positive and constructive way, scanning for potential problems, diffusing them before they arise, motivating students to do their best and monitor their own behavior, in short the vision possessed by the super teacher.

  25. The Art of Supervision Goals of supervision: To instruct/educate students about expectations in a caring (but firm) way. To prevent misbehavior and to connect with students. Interact positively with students as they pass. To be warm and friendly with students rather than cold and hostile.


  27. Making it Ours… Ownership

  28. Addressing our Common Areas Expectations Hallways Cafeteria Gym Arrival/Dismissal Sample Lesson Plans Hallways Cafeteria Arrival Dismissal Riding Buses

  29. Hallway -- Guidelines for Success walkquietly on the right arriveto class on time Leave others alone Keepmoving


  31. Gym – Guidelines for Success • Stay seated • InitiateByrd P.R.I.D.E. • TALK QUIETLY • s

  32. Pride Cards Front Back

  33. Pride Cards Rewards in Common Areas Only for desired behaviors Student/Teacher sign back of ticket

  34. Starting your class off right On the First Day of School Every Student Wants to Know… Effective Classroom Managers Have Thought Through… The Effective Teacher Has… Art of Supervision Insubordination Encouragement Procedures Social Skills Review

  35. Teaching Schedule 2nd Monday of school by 5th period; 3 rotations in the morning led by PBIS team. Any other time throughout the school year when we need to address problem behaviors.

  36. Lesson Plans

  37. Let us hear from you! Is there an area that needs attention? TEAM PRIDE invites you to prepare a lesson plan for any common area, setting, or situation. This is your program and we welcome your thoughts and ideas.

  38. You have to know… ??? What does PRIDE stand for? ??? What are the guidelines for success


  40. Common area Expectation