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<br>Norton.com/setup - To activate Norton setup with the product key, you can go to www.norton.com/setup. The process includes downloading,installing and activating of Norton product.

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  1. How To Preserve Your Treasured Digital Memories? • We all want to preserve our digital memories. A number of people, save their data in their computers. If you want to save the treasured digital memories, then this blog is perfect for you. Go through it carefully.

  2. Best ways for preserving treasured digital memories • Do backup • Take your USB and put your documents folder onto it. Think about the rest later on. In this way, you shall avoid facing a problem related to hard drive failure or theft.

  3. Think twice before using backup services over the net You should not entirely depend on it for a backup source. You should not ever remove the local copies. To get your files by bad means, ‘file locker’ service is a bad choice to room the data because your files can vanish at any point of time.

  4. Pay attention to the space available • You should not delay whenever your backup drives fail. You should try to replace it as soon as possible. Note that the speed of technological upgrade is so high that with time you need to change the file at different types of storage media. •

  5. Go through a digital records and save the essential ones • For instance, bookmarks- you should have a backup of the bookmarks file. In Facebook, you might have digital memories which would have been made by others like the pictures in which you are tagged or else the tweets in which you would have been mentioned. At many places, it is legal for making personal copies of other person’s matter till it is used for private work. • Note that the backups are useful only till you have software for reading it •

  6. Be careful of the software which forces you to use it continuously • For instance, photo managers that wish to get the photo library but do not let you know the way of files that are saved and the method of getting it out from there. •

  7. Be careful of different kinds of file formats • There are a couple of people who do not let you know the file formats because they don’t wish to make you read your matter with the software of someone else. If the software allows it, then send a copy of the work to some open file format. By chance your software does not support it, then you should go for an alternative. Hope that after going through this blog you shall be able to preserve the treasured digital memories of yours. • Becky Losby is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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