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Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report 2009-2010. AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD. A Year of Change. Leading Change. 2009-2010 AOA President Larry A. Wickless, DO. Our Esteemed Leaders. “No finer title [than DO] can follow a human name.” – A.T. Still, MD, DO. v. 2009-2010 AOA Board of Trustees.

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Annual Report 2009-2010

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  1. Annual Report 2009-2010 AOA Executive DirectorJohn B. Crosby, JD

  2. A Year of Change

  3. Leading Change 2009-2010 AOA President Larry A. Wickless, DO

  4. Our Esteemed Leaders “No finer title [than DO] can follow a human name.” –A.T. Still, MD, DO

  5. v 2009-2010 AOA Board of Trustees Board of Trustees BOT picture

  6. Health Care Reform • Based on policies approved by the AOA’s House of Delegates, the Board voted in March 2010 to unanimously support the Affordable Care Act.

  7. July, 2009 We are here for you Kiersten – need your help here

  8. Staff Mission Statement “As employees of the American Osteopathic Association, we strive to advance the philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine through our daily work activities.  Our mission is to provide high-quality service that is expeditious, accurate and personalized to all members of the AOA.  We remain committed to building excellence in each AOA department and pledge to work in unison with our fellow employees and members of the AOA official family to enhance the practice of osteopathic medicine.  Together, we can DO it!”

  9. Department of Membership • Member Service Center • 12 staff members • # of calls they field each month/year? • Member Service Center • Twelve staff members • Answered over 8,800 calls in FY 2010

  10. Improving your HOD experience Implementing your changes Planning OMED and Annual Business Meeting AOA Department of Internal/External Affairs

  11. Inner-workings of the AOA Meeting set-up Staff development Family Fitness Program Department of Human Resources and Building Services

  12. Department of Information Technology

  13. Changes for AOA Publications

  14. Department of Publications

  15. Changes to our Health Care System ACA 2010 • Guarantees coverage for children with pre-existing conditions • Bans annual and lifetime coverage limits • Prevents insurers from cancelling policies

  16. Changes to our Health Care System ACA 2010 • Tort reform • Medical malpractice lawsuits • Professional liability insurance • No fix for Medicare physician payments

  17. Health Care Reform –Making it Better • 40 Million Americans now have health insurance. • People with preexisting conditions, or students up to the age of 26 who want to stay insured under their parents’ package, now have coverage.

  18. Health Care Reform –Making it Better • Senior citizens in Medicare will get their drugs reimbursed. • 10% increase in reimbursement for primary care and general surgery. • Wellness care and preventive care now covered.

  19. More Work Ahead You can help us enact further reforms, like payment reform and tort reform. National Osteopathic Advocacy Center

  20. Department of Government Relations • Lobby for HOD priorities • Town halls on health care reform • DO Day on Capitol Hill

  21. Changes in DO Recognition and Practice Rights • Blue Cross Blue Shield now recognizes OMM and OMT • DOs have right to be panel doctors in Australia • AOA Healthy & Viable Affiliate Organizations Program revised • AOA Tagline: “Treating Our Family And Yours”

  22. Department of State, Affiliate, Socioeconomic and International Affairs

  23. An Unwelcome Change in Texas TOMA Delegates accepting contributions to TCOM Advocacy Fund

  24. Department of Education • 53 OGME programs • 420 AOA-approved training slots • 21 staff members

  25. Department of Accreditation • COCA – Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation • 26 colleges in 32 locations

  26. Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program • First accrediting agency to join the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

  27. Executive Department

  28. Department of Communications • Social networking • YouTube Videos • Media placements reached audience of 75.5 million in 2009

  29. American Osteopathic Foundation • Providing grants, scholarships, and awards to the osteopathic family

  30. Department of Quality and Research • CAP PQRI earned 2% bonus payment • Low back pain guidelines published • HealthFusion iPads for you

  31. Department of Finance • Balanced the budget for FY 2011 and FY 2012

  32. The AOA exists to be thereformembers, whether changing the entire health care system or changing an aspect of a DO’s practice.

  33. Greatness is Calling

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